Sunday, 21 February 2010

Chance of rain

h&m yellow coat
h&m pants
asos beanie
zara boots
lindex bag
When I came to London a little over a year ago I decided on the first day that I am not going to let the rain bother me, or I would be complaining all the time... so even if it's pouring every other day, I don't really notice that any more.


The Kissters said...

wow. loving those boots! so cute.

augustalolita said...

love the photos & the outfit!! love love love the yellow coat!!

Eleanor-Shopping The Closet said...

I just found your blog through Chictopia and I love your style!

Taylor Sterling said...

wow great yellow coat!!

Cynthia said...

LOVE the boots!!!! they look like the wedge one zara had! did you buy them recently?
And i love your style

racheltanski said...

mustard yellow is amazing. also, your boots sort of remind me of the fringed balmain ones from a few seasons ago? gorge.

tasha said...

the coat is great & the mustard yellow really suits you!..

SheWearSheShares said...

Tried on this anorak at H&M but it was just horrible on my short figure, but amazing on you. Jealous! Wish they made petites

filthy lust said...

that coat is such a bright contrast.

DREAMY said...

ooo completely yum yellow coat! lovely shape.

priincess said...


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