Thursday, 25 March 2010

... and the bride wore Wang

French connection dress
aldo shoes 
Chanel tattoos
Lapponia ring

Pictures from the beautiful wedding that took place in Helsinki on saturday. To be honest I did not know which side to take in church because the groom was a relative, but I was more involved with preparations from the bride's side. I designed the red bridesmaid dresses, but was a little nervous about the turnout because I did not have a chance to see the finished dresses live until the bridesmaids walked down the aisle... Luckily all three looked gorgeous. I might also had a little something to do with getting that amazing Vera Wang 'Diana' dress (and matching VW invitations) over to Finland... 

It was a beautiful wedding and we all had a lot of fun! of course my night turned even better when I catched the bouquet...

I could not decide what to wear until half an hour before the wedding, but the Chanel tattoos were planned long before... don't they look amazing? I want to wear them all summer long!


Bella Farfalla said...

you looked beautiful. Love your hair. Did you do it yourself?

priincess said...

1) i lovee the bride's dress! VW FTW!
2) the bride's maid's dresses look amazing...i can't believe that you designed them!
3) the fcuk dress looks stunning!
4) chanel tattoos are so HOT! where did u get them from?

and finally, you are GORGEOUS!

Lena said...

You look absolutely stunning from head to tattoo :) Great job on the bridesmaids dresses as well, they look great!

Lena xoxo

AttemptingStyle said...

i like the tatoos on the leg, at first glance looks like a very sheer garter belt.

Eleanor-Shopping The Closet said...

You look so hot that I now have a total girl crush on you.

That dress is amazing!!!! And the tattoos just add a little extra sexy to the mix...

Maria Irene said...

this looks like the dream wedding for me!
the tatoo's are amazing! you look so good

Brooke said...

you look sensational! so jealous of your abundance of hair! :)

Michelle said...

What a gorgeous wedding!
and your dress is amazing, i also love how you added the Chanel temp tats.

Morgan-Ashley said...

Beautiful photos, The brides dress was amazing, I love it. You also looked fab!


Charlotte said...

Wow! Gorgeous wedding and gorgeous photos! Love the tattoos =)

sexylegsandbody said...

Congrats on those bridesmaids dresses, they all look stunning, you are a star.

The pic of you on the stair sitting on the red carpet is such a lovely image, you look gorgeous in that one.

Thanks for sharing, hope your day will be fabulous.

Anna-Jayne said...

I think you did a excellent job with the bridesmaid dresses - the colour of them is amazing. Bride looked absolutely gorgeous. And you...well as always you look fabulous - great dress, and those Chanel tattoos - inspired!!

Anna-Jayne said...

oh, and is this you:
Found it on Yvan Rodic's blog. Love his visual diary.

tasha said...

BEYOND stunning Sandra!! Gorgeous!!

LOVE your hair and that dress looks fab on you, spesh with the Chanel tatts!

love x

P.S - well done with the bridesmaids dresses, they look great! x

Nileve said...

Every time I see your pics I think:
"This is the real Carrie of SatC!"
You look fantastic!

Diya said...

omg I love YOUR dress! it's soooo unique and color works really well with your smokey eye makeup (ps I read your chictopia blog all the time)

ps. if you have time, please check out my blog:

Bettie said...

Lovely bridesmaids dresses, lovely bridal gown and you look so beautiful!:) Hope to see you soon!


P.s. Glad påsk i förskott! :D

Fashion By He said...

wow you look absolutely amazing, the tats are amazing!!!

come follow the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think

Fashion By He said...

ps can we link exchange?


Holly Sanders said...

OMG that wedding dress is ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY STUNNING GORGEOUS BEAUTIFUL!! The prettiest wedding dress I ever saw OMG! The bride is beautiful, the bridemaids wore a beautiful color! I love everything about this! & you of course are beautiful I love the dress and the tattoos! How awesome I never saw tattoos like that before!

Holly Sanders said...

oh yea your hair is GREAT!!

jen lainy said...

Everything is beautiful! Your hair, tattoos, & dress are all amazing! The wedding looks amazing!!

I will definetly be checking out more of your blog!

Fashion & DIY said...

I love your dress so much, you look gorgeous!

SAUCY | f. | BABY said...

The bride's dress is STUNNING! She looks amazing.

But WOW Sandra, you could totally steal the show! You look so gorgeous. The CHANEL tattoos looks great on you.

Love love love!


{ I V Y } said...

errrrrm ok, i think i'm in love with your blog! the bride looks amazing and so do you! agh chanel tattoooosss <3 how much were they?

exchange links?


Birgitte said...

Amazing dress and amazing chanel tattoo!

Xoxo Birgitte

Kookie B. said...

the bride's dress is sooooo beautiful!!!! and yours too!!! you look like a grecian goddess! i liked that you wore tattoos with that dress just to break the "formal air". i want your ring!

do send me some love over at

Ela Wood said...

Everyone look stunning! Congrats on the bridesmaids dresses!

Kate said...

I just found your blog through chictopia and just have to say how gorgeous you are, and that I adore your style! Looking forward to reading back through your older entries!

Shhhh said...

beautful dress both yours and the brides. I especially love your grey nail polish

Silvia Couture said...

wow you designed those dresses!? I was thinking they were gorgeous!!! Great job =)


papillionis said...

what a wedding dress! a DREAM!

Walk The Sand said...

AWESOME wedding dress. Perfection. And those Chanel tattoos are immense. I think you SHOULD wear them all summer long!

ellie jane-e valentine. said...

this is perfect! i love the tattoos..! <3

Katy said...

stunning! saw your outfit on chictopia and absolutely love it! and the bridesmaids dresses look amazing -- how lovely!

cla-sib said...

you look so wonderful, like a fashion dream. love your chanel tattoos...

xoxo cla

kaitlin said...

love the chanel tattoos. you look great!!


rk hall said...

The Chanel tattoos are awesome + you look fab! New to your blog. Love it!

Lauraf said...

What a great overall look!
Your hair looks stunning!

The Queen of Hearts said...

I loved the bride's dress: I'm actually surprised that it is Wang. Personally, I'd go with a Carolina for my faithful day.

And you look amazing. I don't think I would have considered the dress you selected for a wedding but now you've given me something to think about (should I ever receive an invitation).

off with her head

kimee said...

absolutely gorgeous. i love the tattoos as well
the brides dress is beautiful

astronautfromglasgow said...

the fcuk dress, is amaze, so cutttttttteeeeee
your so lucky you can get the chanel tattoos, im live and Jersey so cant get them :(

liz said...

ohmygosh! You look amazing. That dress is incredible! omg, i've never in my life seen something like this.aaaa! i want it!!

Contempo Ingenue said...

I just had to take some of those chanel tat photos for my tumblr, you look picture perfect! I love the entire get up head to toe to tats!

the contemporary ingenue

The Goddess of Boho said...

You look *Lovely*

Love your Blog :)

stilettolover91 said...

WOW!! You look incredible!! I love the dress & the shoes!! Aldo is awesome!!

Anonymous said...

You are stunning..such an inspiration

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