Saturday, 27 March 2010

Helsinki am.

topshop goat fur
zara bag
cos shirt
gina tricot sweatpants
zara boots
gucci sunglasses
asos beanie

Pictures by Stefanie
I got this coat a few months back... It doesn't really look like a high-street buy and I am treating it as my baby... Spotted it last year in several mags and visited topshop everyday to see when it was in. My wait was rewarded, the straightened black hair-like fur is perfection.


dreamylacey said...

nice outfit. I love the pants and shoes

Annachiara said...

OMG!!!! OMG your coat!!! your shoes!!! wow... i totallly love your style...ALWAYS!!! you're a dream!!! ^_^ You're a style icon for me!!! Have a magic week-end!!!

moded'amour said...

i LOVE this, amazing coat!

Lucy said...

adorable coat!! And your shoes are awesome!!
F A B!!

Stefanie said...

bra pics ;)

tasha said...

HOT sweatpants x

joana said...

the shoes go perfectly with the beautiful fur coat

ellie jane-e valentine. said...

the sweat pants are the ones ive been obsessing over in my head... <3

Margaret said...

you look so stunning :)
it all works! especially the pants
great post!! love the blog
stop by some time xx

Kat said...

haha wow you have such a lovely blog- such nice pictures :)
if you have time would you look at mine?
thankss xx

The Queen of Hearts said...

You look lovely, very trendy and fashion forward.

off with her head

Behind the Wardrobe said...

excuse while I wipe my drool over ur coat!


yes i got same fur ...

FashionQueen294 said...

So far my favorite outfit!!!!! :DD Amazing pictures and clothes!!


knoppix said...
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