Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Lost & found

Pamela Love claw
Thomas Sabo silver & black raven skull 
Fashionology raven skull pendant
Kalevala silver mask ring
rest vintage & random

Back in Finalnd I was finally reunited with some of my best jewelry that I almost feared I lost..

This is some of my favorites including a Thomas Sabo skull pendant that I got as a gift from sister Stella and my Pamela Love claw necklace that I recently got from...myself. Pamela Love is my favorite jewelry designer and pretty much anything she does is on my wish list..

+ The winner of the nails inc. giveaway is Lena from Quality Rivets, Congratulations! Thank you to everyone who took part!

Wishing you all a lovely week..


Lena said...

WWOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!! I can't believe I won.
Thank you so much!!!! I will post pics of my beautifully painted hands :)

Lena xoxo

what i would have worn... said...

Totally jealous! Pamela Love is one of my favs too!

AttemptingStyle said...

i've been lusting over that claw for awhile, and also the claw ring at Pamela Love.

Stephanie said...


ellie jane-e valentine. said...

i am so jealous. wanna trade? <3


oliolioli said...

Loving the owl!

denise said...

ohh wow your collection is really great! so envious!!

Annachiara said...

Amazing pictures... Loove these jewellery!!!! :D

Amy T said...

you have such a wonderful jewelery collection x

The Queen of Hearts said...

A very inspiring collection! I'm not much for jewelry -- I tend to go for embellishments in clothes but after viewing your collection, I may have to reconsider!

kid said...

wow, that's quite a collection of jewelry. is that big cross also vintage?

Shhhh said...

thats some awesome collection of jewelry


kimee said...

IM JEALOUS i want it all

Anni said...

omg, most amazing jewelry collection I've ever seen! want it all!

RedHead said...

I have that Sabo skull, easily my most worn piece (though I do have a massive collection of his stuff). I love it. Wish I could afford Pamela Love.

FashionQueen294 said...

WOW!!!! Amazing!!! Lovee those rings!!

knoppix said...
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Shannonsrnd said...

Amazing pictures... Loove these jewellery!!!! :D

Beautifulury Ury said...

No me había percatado de estas cosas! Gracias!! masajes

Carlos Escamilla said...

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