Tuesday, 30 March 2010

first days in Obertauern

zara coat
vintage fur boots

Some pictures from the small, cute town + something I wore to the local supermarket. 

So excited I finally got to wear my snow boots, mom has a similar pair that I used to steal back in the days.. Got these ones from a secondhand store in Finland.. Not everyone loves them but thats ok, I do.


Nikki Ashley said...

I would totally rock those boot over a pair of uggs anyday! haha awesome find very D&G.

astronautfromglasgow said...

these pictures are so cute, love your hair and coat :))





ellie jane-e valentine. said...

beautiful scenery! the boots are insane!


Contempo Ingenue said...

beautiful photos...so surreal. and who doesn't love those boots? so d&g/ chanel fall 10 and not only that completely fitting for you location :)

the contemporary ingenue

xoxo E&L

Lauraf said...

nothing says cozy like a shearling jacket!

Fashion & DIY said...

Love this look!!! looks like the Chanel 2010-2011 winter boots!

priincess said...

Hi Sandra,

First of all, thank you sooooo much for replying to my post! Yeah, I checked the Chanel stores nears my area, and they said that they have already sold out of them! :( so sad, but i'm gonna see if I can find them on Ebay or something. I'm not really sure how i'll look for them now. And btw, how long do they last for? How long have you had yours on now?

Second, your booots are SO NICEE! you look like a snow princess! <3

Nina said...

wow, the surroundings are breathtaking, and you're gorgeous!


moded'amour said...

great outfit, love your jacket!!


Annachiara said...

Loooooove your boots darling!!! You're hair!!! Favolous pictures darling *_*

Vera Wilhelmina said...


m. said...

amazing boots, love the steez.

great blog! xx


AttemptingStyle said...

these boots make me think slightly more sane take on margielas hair shoes.

Chiara said...

Love your jacket, is really Burberry, dont' you think?!
And the vintage fur boots, I love, I have a quite similar pair from my Mum's closet!



Unravelled Threads said...

those boots are crazy! i would hate them if you were wearing them in 70 degree weather with a miniskirt, but they look great here!

ooh, and your hair is so cute!


[Mary] said...

Gorgeous Coat. How much?


[Mary] said...

Gorgeous Coat. How much?


joana said...

love the boots, they look super comfy *

the style crusader said...

these photos are gorgeous! i love your little braid and that shearling jacket! is it from zara?! that is insane. it is beautiful. also those boots are incredible - and totally perfect for the sort of location your in. if everybody liked them they'd be totally boring and predictable. i think your rocking them. xx

Panda said...

Beautiful pictures +
I love your blog!
Panda x

Zanah said...

Your zara jacket is amazing !! :) Mon Mode Blog

mariela said...

Gorgeous outfit! I never saw that ZARA jacket here in the US. How long ago did you get it?

LoadedCloset said...

Hi! I've been looking for a jacket like that since I can remember. I had a look on the Zara website but couldn't find it anywhere on there. Could you please direct me to a link where I could buy it online? I'd be so thankful.

Stu said...

oih, haluun nää bootsit :)

FashionQueen294 said...

Cute boots!!


Kate said...

Haha so funny I just wanted to look at some old posts of your blog and found this one, I always go skiing to Obertauern since I am from Vienna (also Austria) and it isn't too far away! love this so much!!:)
xx Kate


knoppix said...
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f3rch0plyr said...

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