Friday, 19 March 2010



all saints trench
h&m pants
chloé boots

pictures by Stefanie

These pics were taken a while back, this week has been so warm and springy, almost too hot to wear a jacket!

I have been looking for the perfect trench for a long time and I came across this lovely all saints one as my friend was talking of getting rid of hers... the draping and shape.. perfect. Also decided to take the Cholés out for a little walk.


Brooke said...

I have been looking for the perfect trench too - but I want one that's a little more unusual. Yours is awesome!
How are the Chloe's feeling?? ;)

getpalmd said...

Those Chloe wedges are the most perfect wedges I've ever seen, damn!


OMG A M A Z I N G!!!!!!! :D

Dylana said...

You have amazing style!

I just came across your blog!

It is lovely! following!

SAUCY | f. | BABY said...

Sooooo in love with the Chloe boots!

xo Nicole

Grübchen said...

Amazing shoes. :)

Annachiara said...

Wow...i loove you always're a dream :D !!! Loove your boots :D

AttemptingStyle said...

i've been on the search for the perfect trench also. they all channel streaker to me somehow.

Anna-Maria said...

That trench is beyond amazing! Your blog is seriously poison for a shop-a-holic like me, everytime I see something I n.e.e.d. to get.:)

Catherine said...

Muted gorgeousness!

Girl_with_the_Mask said...

Gorgeous, Amazing, Fabulous...I'm out of words!

xx Emily

tasha said...

no words can descibe...

so happy u got the chloe booties..they look FAB..X

tasha said...


dreamylacey said...

showing e these chloe shoes that is so cruel! nice trench

Blair Nice said...

I really like the pictures (:
Your outfit is amazing !

ellie jane-e valentine. said...

beautiful light... one of my besties has those boots! :)


you are just too freaking fly!
Love it, the trench, the chloe's, the'thang!! LOL

Song of Style said...

looooooove the trench and boots!!

Tori said...

I love this outfit! Love the trench with the casual pants and fabulous boots. :)

Karen said...

That trench is mazing, All Saints do some amazing jackets don't they? Love how you've styled it up and I'm very jealous of your jewellry x

Morgan-Ashley said...

Love your trench, these are cool photos :)

dressed to please said...

woooooooow great pics!!

nice blog HONEY! :D I LIKE IT

Follow my blog and I follow your blog:

i`m happy if you follow me toooo with bloglovin ;)

kiss from germany ;*)

The Fashion Cloud said...

Absolutely stunning outfit, loving the trench and shoes combo :)
Great blog too, can't wait to go through all your posts, stalker style haha


Lauraf said...

I have been dying for a pair Chloé boots!!!!!! Your outfit complements the boots really well.

The Queen of Hearts said...

Those Chloe boots are ri-dic-u-lous. When did you get them? Which season are they from? Please let me know on my blog!

off with her head

kimee said...

I NEED thosse boots~

knoppix said...
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