Friday, 14 May 2010

Because I'm always late

h&m hoodie
topshop unique silk shorts
barbara bui boots
asos backpack
lapponia & vintage rings

Something I wore to the gym.. haha just kidding.

I accidentally bought 18 new rings this week.. that's the danger of going to the markets in London. These all are old though, I'll show you new ones later..

ps. the second last picture was not planned, but turned out pretty funny..



vicky h. said...

I love this outfit! and you could totally rock this look on your way to the gym :)

xox VIcky
Bikinis & Passports

Mikkel Radicke said...

You look amazing!

Mikkel Radicke said...

you look amazing!!!

Nells said...


FashionHippieLoves said...

stunning outfit!


Rebecca said...

gosh, your outfits are always so amazing!

Dip-tea said...

so cool, so comfy and so chic. only you can pull off a hoodie and shorts to make it look sexy. and the last picture is not funny at all, you look gorgeous! can't wait to see your ring collection!


Alice said...

I love your outfit :D You look great ^^

Brianna said...

:) you look like your in an ad for high end gym those shoes.

NLR said...

Love the "sporty" outfit! :-) And that backpack is sweeeet.


Copious Couture said...

Love this outfit!!!! And I am lusting over those shoes now!!!!


HAL said...

love the way you used color here, neutral yet so striking.

g. said...

your outfit is fantastic!

love your blog


Nita-Karoliina said...

fabulous outfit yet again!

Ida said...

Okey, so, I just stumbled upon your blog, and I absolutely love it! Great style, clothes I could only dream of, and great inspiring pics :)
Recommended your blog on mine, but it's in Norwegian, so you probably wont understand :P Anyways, it's all positive, and you got yourself a new steady reader :)

Katnani said...

Wow, that outfit has so many gorgeous things... Love the socks, the braid, the hood, the silky shorts... <3

Margherita Berti said...

AMAZING! i love it

Angie said...

Amazing amazing outfit.....Love your shoes too...:)))))



Marie Z. said...

I love this! Very cool, unique outfit. Love your shoes esp.!

Lindstyle said...

loved your write up.. haha. great shoes. cant wait to see the rings!


Lena Elmone said...

i LOVE your watch. its beautiful and so are you!

p.s. visit my blog,

Xeniashake said...

elsker dine billeder i bloggen! fedt blog! se også nærmere min blog :)
my blog:

stylishpie said...

omgsh... love these boots! and your rings r also amazing!

Frickys said...

THE BEST "casual" outfit I've seen!

MELISSA Z. said...

OMG! I'm in love with this outfit! Sooooo cool!

Beatriz Mesquita said...

love follow!

Sophie said...

love the hair!
everyone please check out and follow my blog please

I promise you will like it :o)

Zionnah said...

love the outfit! <3___<3

OooKellyNicky said...

Cute, I'm really starting to love this sporty with heals look, because those shoes with that hoodie is a total fash-gasm!

my blog: ♥La Stylin Girraffe♥

fashionclocked said...

You look awesome very Alexander Wang inspired!

I can't believe it i purchased this ASOS backpack today in tan. I did want black but never saw it on the site?? eeek.

Also congratulations on all the followers that have just zoomed up lately- you deserve it a favourite blog of mine!xxx
would love you to visit.
fashion clocked

loveisawonderfulterriblething said...

i LOOOOOOOOOVE! you look hot xxx

Lainey said...

Very cute! I love the sweats and shorts with heels look. Its very unique.

moded'amour said...

I love your style, I have the same backpack in brown, didn't know it was also available in black, its great!!

LUU H. said...

ah, i love your style! takk og lov jeg fant deg : ) !

goodbyestockholm said...

This is such a great take on Alexander Wang ss2010. Just wow!!!

kirstyb said...

18 rings? what? what markets do you go to in london - im over on Tuesday and I need new rings xoxoxox

Life is better with Converse said...

You're on my blog!!!! check it out!

astridhelene said...

Love your outfit, you look stunning! :)

Franco Fernandez said...

aaaay mazing outfit! love the shoes, SHWEEEET! franco x

Signe said...

haha 18?! Sounds like something I would do xD
You look amazing as always by the way :)

lauren baluyo said...

You play off this Wang vibe with natural ease. Love how you rock the braid too. AMAZING style. Seriously glued to this blog of yours.


DNA (designers+artists) said...

I totally think that's chic gym attire, but that's just me. :)

**OnYxStA** said...

A new spin on 'casual' that I will surely be adopting

Angela said...

love this outfit! casual and looks very comfy. xoxo

♥Aubrey said...

Great photos!!!
I could see you wearing this to the gym.

jQUii_x said...

love it
and your hair is so prettyyy. haha love the length, colour, and thickness.
gorgeous post
gorgeous style


Astrid V. said...

i love your shoes

Labyrinth said...

Love this outfit.. in fact I love every outfits of yours :)


Labyrinth Jewellery & Accessories

SheWearSheShares said...

OOOOoEEEE. Need that Asos backpack! <3

Paula from said...

sporty and chic ! Totally in love with your jumpsuit !
Would you like to visit my site ?


Polliani said...

you have a fantastic blog

Sky Pies said...

Sporty chic, fantastic outfit! <3

L said...

Du är omnämnd i vår blogg:

Emily Salomon said...

Really like this look in particular and your blog in general.

Hugs from Denmark :D

Meg said...

I loove the shoes! great look ;)

revital said...

you have a wonderful blog!!! I love it!

officially following!!

KT said...

These shoes are to die for. Lovely!!

Karobaro said...

Amazing outfit! You look so good. I'm your new fan:-)

Ana López said...

Impresionante tu blog, es una pasada, y en todas las fotos sales guapisima.
Ya tienes una nueva seguidora, pasate por mi blog, un bran beso!

Afrodite said...

Love the whole outfit! Kinda makes you wanne go to the gym :)!

xoxo Afrodite

amy said...

you should do a post on your flat! i love all the pictures i have seen where we get a peek of parts of it :)

Usedandabusedvintage said...

Cute blog! Love your heels. Corinne x

maureen- said...

wauw! i love this look. I want to have a side plait to, but my hair is to short haha. xx

maureen- said...

oh and btw, i follow you!

S said...

Love your style and your blog..
wish you all the best..
I follow you now :D

Sammie Lyla said...

Ive just found your blog
your style is great!

Hallie Sue said...

I was browsing through your blog (referred by leFashion) and I got so addicted that I read all your posts instead of studying fro my finals! I noticed that you have AWESOME hair in a lot of your posts, mainly updo's that i can't even dream of doing by myself, could you possibly do a hair tutorial? a diy-updo?


Camille said...

I have tried to contact you to buy those gorgeous Gina Tricot socks with the swallons in 39-41 but u havnt replied. This is my mail! PLEASE IM DESPERATE

Camille said...

PS you loook lovely as always and i forgot to give my mail lol:

Rae said...

Great outfit I love the silk shorts. So cute! I'm already a follower so come check out my blog!!

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Silvia Couture said...

Great casual outfit! Just found your blog and wanted to show some love from Atlanta!


Adri said...

I feel like you represent the effort less cool look that Alexander Wang tries to achieve with his clothes.

Birgitte said...

Love the jewels and pictures!

Xoxo Birgitte


Nice llok, it suits you!

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PUNKIE said...


your blog is definitely one of my favorite ever! sandra your stile is so amazing!

ellen pn said...

väldigt alexander wang och väldigt snyggt!

Arash Mazinani said...

I love this outfit, it's incredibly sexy!

Stephanie said...

you're so funny- i wore this to the gym lol!

LOVE the shoes and this sportswear look/trend on you! Great interpretation of it and i like how you integrated the lingerie trend via silk shorts into the look.


dutchqueens said...

You look fucking hot!!!


Tinja said...

i love this look, reminds me of an editorial i saw in elle italy... and i loved it and been thinking how to sport that look =)

Michelle Elaine said...

Totally reminds me of Alexander Wang. Love it! Ha and you should try wearing it to the gym and I can just imagine all the reactions you'd get.


Fashions said...

Absolutely deadly outfit!

Le garçon avec les lunettes said...

The images on your blog are so inspiring! Great blog!

Erica said...

love the braid and have a great blog!


Davidikus said...

I really like how you matched all those grays. Did you take those pictures near Carnaby St in North-West Soho?

Deano SC said...

Theses photos are sooo good!!!

linnea said...

when did you buy your bag ? .. couldn't find it :(
send a link to my blog?

linnea said...

when did you buy your bag ? .. couldn't find it :(
send a link to my blog?

Nathalie said...

Hey! love your blog!
I was wondering if you would show on a vlog or something how to make that pretty braid??

Thank you!
/Nathalie from Sweden

agnes said...

superbe, j'aime beaucoup tes chaussures

Yeppon Lawyers said...

This outfit should be chosen by street dance cool

Maria said...

Hey, I started following your blog right at the beginning since I saw it mentioned on perfectlygoodstories-blog.

To me you're pretty much a perfect human being with your looks and fashion sense, not to mention the talent I'm sure you have in your field. It would be awesome to read a bit more about what you do!

It's cool to see how your followers have increades from that early 30 up to almost 900 in such a short time, you definitely have earned it!

Kaikkea hyvää jatkolle ja hienoa nähdä, että Suomea edustetaan maailmalla näin hyvin!

La Dolce Vita said... the outfit:)

FashionBookmark said...

Super cute outfit.

Rogue Seal said...

those boots are straight up amazing! love the look

Catita said...

love the boots!!

Stéphane Malingue said...



heart the shoes!!! more and more loving ur blog!

diner spectacle soirée enterrement de vie de jeune fille said...

Très mignonne et j'adore tes bottes bravo !!!


Stephanie said...

May i ask where in London are the markets located?

I have a friend studying there this summer :)

Please let me know & check out my blog

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