Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Marc Jacobs ring GIVEAWAY

So here is my new marc by marc jacobs spiral ring... do you like it..? I hope so because I have one extra in size 7 that I am giving away to one lucky reader!!

I am doing this as a thank you to all you wonderful people that have taken time to read and comment on 5 inch and up! you guys are pretty amazing and I am very grateful.


giveaway ends on sunday whereafter I will pick a winner!

ended.. thank you to every one that took time to comment! 



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love you better said...

wow, what an amazing givaway!
I'd wear it all the time! haha


Hena Memishi said...

i would wear in on my index finger to keep it warm this winter as it gets really cold in Melbourne :)

katy said...

i would wear it with all of my favorite rings; armor rings, antique costume jewelry rings, big 1960s cocktail rings, rings, rings rings!

katylou [at]

getpalmd said...

Blogger follower :-)

SAUCY | f. | BABY said...

Ooo this is amazing!

I am following you on BlogLovin': saucy.baby21[at]gmail[dot][com]

& Blogger as well.

I would wear this ring along w/ my 2-finger Hellz x Miss Wax "Brawlin'" Ring. I would also wear it with all of my outfits! =]

Thanks so much for the chance!

xo Nicole

capperson said...

I'm a follower on blogger!

I would wear this along with my love ring :)

loublogs said...

I'm following you on bloglovin! (

I would wear this with anything and everything! Sooo stylish!

Raez said...

I'd wear this with everything, especially with mint nail polish!

my email is and I already follow you on bloglovin'

xx raez

Mariah Guilfoil-Dovel said...

Hey! I'm following you on Blogger:

I am kind of obsessed with rings, I would probably wear this with everything and other rings.
Thanks for the chance, it's a great ring!

Xana said...

it would be my new everyday ring :) its really awesome !


Xana said...

and im following you on bloglovin already ;)

ANA-SOFIA said...

Oh my god thats so generous!! if i would be lucky enough to wear it i would litterally wear it everyday and experament wearing it on each finger...probably would suit my index finger but i would definatly try it with everything!!

love your blog huge inspiration:)

mucho love xoxo

Emma Clark said...

Love that ring. I've been following on BlogLovin for a while. Would love to win.


Following !!

Definitely wearing this ring withhhh, some killer black skinnys, an over sized white tee, and black lace up wedges. very casual. I will forsure trot around with this baby on no worries :)

Gorgeous piece !

xx Lana

battlingthedinosaurs said...

I would wear it on my middle finger, so that when I flip people off they can sense my anger and see how ornate it is too.... Just kidding, just kidding. I just like wearing my large rings on my middle finger. It just looks better to me.

Beauty Vibes said...

Following you on blogger :)

That ring is really interesting, I've never seen anything like that before! :)


Goldilox said...

That ring would so love my my index finger.. They were made for each other. I happen to like the one on ur pinky as well.

Maria said...

Following you on both of them. :)

I'd love to wear the ring with my Fashionology armor ring, I think they'd do each other justice! Otherwise simple and black, dark outfit would work awsome...

LOVE your blog!

Miche said...

Hi, I follow you on blogger.
I loooooooooooooooovvvveee this ring! I'm always wearing multiple rings on my hands, sometimes a ring on each finger :)or even two rings on each single finger, so this ring, will be a nice ring to own.
thank you for your generousity :)

love you better said...

amazing givaway!! I'd wear it all the time to be honest. xx

Nikki Ashley said...

I've actually been in search of more full finger rings and this one is so simple and cute! I love the way you paired it with other longer rings and such a light fresh nail color! I would probably do the same.

My Email:

thanks for the chance to enter!

xo Nikki Ashley

FLOR said...

hi... i've been reading your blog for just a couple of weeks... and i love it !!
it would be awesome to win a ring like that... i woud wear it almost everyday or only for special ocassions, i'm not sure yet.. but i love it!!
i have long fingers, it would be great

Megan Greene said...

Well if this isn’t the most exciting post ever! I’ve been following you on bloglovin’ for a short period of time, however you’ve been added to my routinely 4 o’clock everyday fashion blog check list. This ring would be such a staple piece to my not yet completed future wardrobe, seeing as though items like this are out of question for now, and anything i own at the moment is handmade. Regardless thanks for all your great posts!


Dip-tea said...

Gorgeous giveaway! I would put it through a silver chain and wear it as a funky pendant! Already following you!

Chloe said...

I would wear this ring with my George Pilinos chunky engraved ring and as much attitude as I could muster. I would try to avoid taking it off to play with it when I was bored at work, but would probably fail. When people asked me where I got it I'd tell them; "from one of the raddest blogs I follow, 5 inch and up, check her out".

I'm following you on blogger.

x o

M-J said...

Following you on bloglovin :)
LOVE the ring !!

claes said...

Thank you for giving us the chance to win the ring! I would wear this ring with a natural summer tan, nude nails and a little black dress!

my email is

Hi from Québec, Canada xxx

OooKellyNicky said...

Oh cute! Spiral rings are the greatest. I would keep it simple, wearing it with white high-waisted shorts for the summer, a vintage red and black polka-dotted blouse with a bow, and some white stapy wedges.

my blog: ♥La Stylin Girraffe♥

Closet Fashionista said...

Oh awesome!! :D (following on both)

I would wear it with a really simple outfit, maybe a black dress and some KILLER heels!

email: megfaye721[at]att[dot]net

Anonymous said...

i would probably be wearing this ring everyday for the rest of my life so ill be wearing it in a number of different ways

Anonymous said...

i would probably be wearing this ring everyday for the rest of my life so ill be wearing it in a number of different ways

heather. said...

i just started following you on bloglovin, and i love your style! i would add that ring to my "usuals" (3 vintage silver rings i've received from various family members that i wear every day).

Love Leah said... :)

I would wear this with everything; EVEN in my pyjamas, it's THAT amazing :)

I would really wear it with other chunky silver jewelly, my dads old vintage watch, vintage Levi 501 cut offs, a khaki shirt, tights and heeled military boots, and big fur or an oversized army jacket!


ariane said...

Rings are my favorite accessory. I would wear this ring probably every day since I always wear my favorite rings non-stop!



i love your blog...
is very nice and chic...

kajaal xoxo said...

I am following you on both! :D

i would wear this with my grandma's vintage gold ring to add a touch of colour and mix up my metals! Gorgeous ring!

Thank you! xoxo

Kat said...

boy this ring is beyond words. i would wear it with the basics,a comfy tee and some leggings with a moto jacket.. it would look especially good with stripes because of the effect on the ring. i would wear this ring on my middle finger and it would make everything POP! like pops cereal. i've never entered a contest before but this ring is too flawless not too, love your blog and i also want your nailpolish.. looks like chanel particuliere xxx

Tahti said...

I just recently started following your blog, and I love it - such a fabulous array of shoes and outfits!

I would wear this with a coiled wrist cuff I have in the same silver, and a plain silver upper arm band-bracelet - along with a one-sleeved asymmetrical LBD, stocking and some killer platforms!

Kristine said...

I would wear it with an assortment of other silver rings that accent it but don't overpower it. Then a punch of matte grey nail polish to seal the deal.

Lainey said...

What a great giveaway. I would wear it with pretty much my whole closet, because it's just so diverse. I love the spiral look of it. Could go with all of my rings, or just by itself.

Jonhy said...

amazing combination of rings let me tell you!nevertheless marcs stands out!
it would look stuning in my finger that I can tell you! I can already picture it around some of my other collectible rings making a great statement!it is beyond gorgeous!it would probably follow me around as a new best friend!

lucy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lucy said...

I would wear this ring on one hand and wear my YSL arty ring (same as yours but the turquoise)on my other hand. I love you blog and already follow it with bloglovin and blogger all the way from australia. I'm coming over to london in 7 weeks to do some serious shopping so if I win you won't even have to pay the postage as I will personally pick it up from you!

love you blog and your miu miu shoes.... i think you have sold me on them and i am now endlessly searching the www for my own.

Dani said...

I would wear it with my evil eye ring when I go thrifting for even more rings. In all seriousness, I'd wear it with my studded jacket and chain bracelet.

TristanEmma said...

I'd switch up which fingers I wear it on... and pile it on with lots of others! I love that it fits over the knuckle! So rad.. Rings are my favorite accessory!

Jonelle M♥ said...

That ring is awesome, I'd definitely wear it along with my Asos snake ring because I think it would be a good combination and contrast.

Thanks for doing this giveaway for your readers, your style is really inspiring.

Courtney said...

I'm flowing you on Blogger -

I'd wear this ring as a statement piece when I'm wearing all black, and tie it in with bold silver earrings. Black and Silver my two favourite colours :)

Love your blog, and your style. You are gorgeous!

Caroline said...

I'm following you via bloglovin'!
I'm OBSESSED with rings and marc jacobs...and marc jacobs rings :P

Karolina S said...

I would pair this ring with a bunch of stacked bangles and baby blue nail polish (as seen in latest Chanel Cruise 10/11 collection).

Congrats on your blog, you have an excellent sense of style!

iamkarolina [at] gmail [dot] com

Anonymous said...

So nice! I love it!

Caroline Delmonte said...

Hi Sandra, I'd wear this ring on a short silver chain around my neck, I think it'd look fantastic as a necklace. Caroline.

timing said...

Definiely would pair that ring with my Low Luv x Erin Wasson Aztec ring. Yummy! :)

Lena Elmone said...

I would wear the ring with pale pink nailpolish, on my right hand on my thumb with my silver crystal tiger ring.

Am following you on blogger and bloglovin.


Thanks a bunch! Obsessed with your blog. You're beautiful and so inspiring!

ps whenever you have the chance check out my blog Fashioncisco !

Amanda G said...

That ring is so unique and interesting! I've been hooked on your blog ever since i discovered it a little while ago. I'm following you on bloglovin' and my email is

love love love your blog!

Nathalie said...

Lovely! I'd contrast it with stacked vintage "antique/heirloom" rings, courtesy of my mother. Although it would look great paired with that Pamela Love double cage ring which I so covet!

I'm bloglovin' you, of course!

Diana said...

pick meee! I am a bling whore and I LOVE this ring. And your blog!

Carolyn said...

as with all marcs, would wear it with love :)

Anonymous said...

I'm following you on Bloglovin' :) My email is

I've been looking for a great ring like that, so it would be worn allllll the timmmeee.

.sabo skirt. said...

WOWOWOWOWWOOWWW!! That ring is so amazing. . we're in love!

We've been loyal followers of your fabulous blog via bloglovin and blogger since we first found you (

P.S. We're already wearing this ring in our dreams ;)

xx .sabo skirt.

melissa.c.w. said...

I'm following you on bloglovin'
My email is

I think the Marc Jacobs ring would fit in perfectly with the collection of rings I wear on a daily basis. Jewelry is something that tells a story and I love for each piece to have it's own history - it would be a great treasure to win such a unique ring!

I like my jewelry to usually come from hunting through the flea market to find that one item I can't live without - the Marc Jacobs ring has that same quality. It will get lots of nods! :)

Thanks for considering me and thanks for writing such an endearing and interesting blog! I always look forward to your posts.

Tiffany said...

I have been obsessed with rings lately...the bigger & funkier, the better! I love that this Marc by Marc Jacobs ring can go with any outfit and the unique design is definitely my style. I probably would never take it off. I love your blog and have a huge crush on your jewelry collection!

Rachel said...

If that ring was a person i'd marry it.
I'd wear it on my middle finger as part of a four finger knuckle-duster combo just for that extra bit of attitude.

katie said...

i am following you on bloglovin!
love your blog!
since i don't have many rings (not because i don't love them -- but because i spend all my money on clothes), i would probably wear it all day every day!

Laila said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lauren said...

omg! i follow you on bloglovin! and that is one of the coolest rings i have ever seen. its very hard to get nice rings in australia but when i find one i buy it. and tthat ring looks amazing!!!!
i dont have a blog. but my email is

*chara said...

I was already a follower on bloglovin..
My email:

I actually can't describe exactly how I would wear this cause it's a ring but I imagine this little treasure on my little finger and my bowler hat..
I cross my fingers!!


B said...

I'd wear it with rich colored nail polish and an assortment of little quirky rings!

inga said...

I joined bloglovin' just today, before I saw this giveaway I was just finishing going through all of your posts. It turned out I liked you before I even knew it was you )))))) Photo of you in bunch of knits with a cinnamon latte in hand has been in my inspiration folder for months, did not realise it was you till I saw it here! Plus I'm your neighbour Estonian, currently also living in London! Never won anything in my life, and that ring from a successful new blogger would be symbolic to me, because I'm starting my own blog too, so it could be my good-luck charm :-) After going thru all your posts, I can say that we have a similar taste in many things, so I'm sure that ring would feel very much home in my closet, it could go with innumerous amount of my outfits (from jersey basics to romantic pieces to toughen up the look) but if to name something I could be wearing it every day with, whatever the outfit- confidence. dark eyes. chic hair. Oh, and finally I've been writing this for good half an hour instead of making my grocerie shopping on ASDA, missed out all the slots so please make my starve till Sat more pleasant :))))))

inga said...

pardon, )))

Hannah Martin said...

I have recently been reading your blog after I found it though Le Fashion. I read it everyday and commend you on your outfits and take on fashion! (love your Miu Miu's)

As for the ring, LOVE IT! It would go with anything. I don't wear much jewelery, but after seeing all your rings (i.e your snake and spine rings) I am so inspired! Its so hard to get cool rings in Maine, USA. I want to know where to get em.

Much Love,
Hannah Martin

Jennifer said...

Followed you!
I'll pile it on with my other rings, or wear it simply as a daily ring.

Fuji Files said...

I'd wear it with mint nail polish and a mixture of gold and silver chunky rings.

xx Cristina

A.Co said...


I have seen this ring before and it's fabulous. This is SO generous of you to offer it up in a give-away! THANKS!

I would wear this on my middle finger, black dress, fierce peep-toe booties and a long necklace. 'Nuff said.

I'm a follower (and have been for a lonnng time) on blogger.

A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

Kitty Cotten said...

I would love to win this amazing ring!! The ring is gorgeous and could be worn with almost everything! I would probably pair it will a lovely romper and fun jacket and my new jeffrey campbell wedges :) Thanks

Anonymous said...

hi, i'm following you on bloglovin -
it's really beautiful i'd wear it with dark red nailpolish and my silver snake ring from greece. thankss

Millie said...

Since I don't have any rings, I think this ring would wear me instead. But I'd try and rock it anyway.

Madilyn Peiper said...

I've been following you on blogger but I just added you to bloglovin' too!

I would wear this ring when I wanted to make everryyone jealous! lol

simonesays said...

What wouldn't I wear this with? 'Nough said.

MerciBlahBlah said...

Just came across your blog and that first photo of your ring and NAIL POLISH is d-o-p-e. Luh-huh-huuuve the spiral ring, loves me some funky jewelry, and I would totes wear it stacked with some of my other funky rings, a double finger cross in particular and a giant black and silver cocktail ring in particular. Stop by and see us sometime at merciblahblah!

My email is Thanks - can't WAIT to win the ring!!! I'm only kidding. Sort of.


Maria said...

You have no idea how excited I would be to win this ring! I am the biggest ring person, & love collecting them! I would def. wear my ysl arty ring or any other statement ring to compliment it*

I've been following your blog for a while, since I saw it on bloglovin' & would be so happy if I had the chance to win something I love*


Hal said...

Hal Liebling

Already follow you on blogger!

I LOVE this ring so much! I'd wear it with my junkpile of others, as pictured in my last post. xo

Becca said...

I've been following for a while now - and you always have such great rings (and jewelry in general). I'd love to have this too! I think I'd wear it with a mix of gold jewelry (maybe a big gold ring on the other hand) and some silver gold bangles. I think simple dresses (or a kickass all black get up) does best when you want to let your jewelry do the talking.

anneke said...

what nail polish are you wearing in this photo? Love it!

Valerie said...

I'm following you on Bloglovin'

This ring would go great with anything, especially with other silver rings like you're wearing it.

Thanks! :)

bekster said...

that is absolutely gorgeous!

Elin said...

I would wear this ring on my left middle finger next to my grandmothers ring that she gave me just before I came here to the US from Sweden and now she just past away. And I've been looking for a ring that would go togheter with my ring, they would match perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is one of my favorites to read daily for fashion advice and inspiration! I LOVE BLOGLOVIN!

I am a HUUUUGE ring lover, and would love this in my collection!!!!

I would wear it with love for a long time to come :)

Ringy said...

I think this ring would be a staple in my wardrobe, I am so picky but this is just hot. You could fully wear it to class one minute, and then out to the club the next.

My email is

Thanks. <33

Raynielle said...

hi 5 inch and up you are my most favourite blog. im currently following you on bloglovin.
i would wear this ring with anything. so versatile and creative. for a downtown look i would match it with one of my chunky lowluv X erin wasson rings or go simple in a nice summer dress and pair it with a thin single band ring. whatever the occasion it will add something special.thanks for the chance!

ida ylitervo said...

omg, i would really love to wear this ring all summer!

Raynielle said...

hi again its me Raynielle. I would be the girl to forget to put in my email its:

sorry for the second post. still love you!!

CarolineB said...

That ring is fantastic! I would wear on my index finger forever!! It would be the only ring on that hand.

carbar79 at gmail dot com

I'm following your blog.

Roya + the Machine said...

I follow you on Blogger.

Love your sense of style, it's eclectic but classy.

I would def wear this ring as a statement piece on the one hand while clunking up the accessories on the other - I don't really have any unique jewelry and it's my mission this summer to collect some.

confessions of a marc addict. said...

i already follow you on bloglovin :)

my e-mail is

i would literally wear this ring everyday! i would love to add it to my everyday wear collection. and i am in love with marc as you can tell by the title of my blog!

Bijou and Ruby said...

I would wear it as a sort of slinky style hair piece...or perhaps get dreadlocks and wear it on a dreadlock...I'm that dedicated to this ring!

CC said...

I die! Fabulosity. :)

Katie said...

i would love to wear this with my black suede studded booties, opaque tights, and a mini dress.
Would be great for going and getting drinks with the girls!

kassandra said...

I would love to stack this high with all my vintage rings.



table talk said...

I'd wear this with a whole bunch of other silver rings and probably with a staple black outfit.

Following through blogger!

Namuna said...

OMG what a lovely giveaway!!

I'd die to have that ring because although i love designer goodies, i don't have enough penny to afford them yet... ;)

I'd wear it with turquoise colored nail polish which i'm in love at the moment!!!

It would amazing if i win such a thing!! You have no idea hehee.

P.S: i loove your blog, such an inspiration to me, and i hope to open my own blog soon :D


Anonymous said...

Just saw your post on bloglovin' haha

Love the ring. Would wear it with the adderbite ring on one hand and some insane armour rings on the other... killer combat heels, military parka, & billow-y pants too, of course =)

Jay said...

I would wear this with my long black tank maxidress and a straw fedora :)

ames_72 said...


Though its somewhat audacious presence means this ring could most certainly and aptly stand alone - I am all about 'more is more' this winter. With that in mind, I would accompany this piece with an overload of other stacked rings, big and small, and of course my pewter bird skull ring.


Faridah said...

I'm already an enthusiastic follower on blogger! But this just makes things even more exciting. I'd wear it on my index finger, ready to flick the birdy if there's trouble or realistically, be ready to wave a fashionable hello to a new friend.

my email is

ring fingers crossed!

Love your blog, always. x

Faby said...

I'm following you in bloglovin' (and btw totally love your blog!!!)

Hum, I'll wear it, well with everything, for a night with the girls, for a dressy evening or just a like with jeans & a tee, it's so versatile!
a kiss from méxico!!

Nicole Leigh said...

what a fabulous ring! I would wear it on my middle finger with all of my other silver rings with my breton sweater (my staple right now!)

Padfoot and Prongs - Good Books Inc. said...

Found you through bloglovin's up and coming. So glad to have found you, already very impressed. Looking forward to reading more!

- Sara

Coco Canal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Coco Canal said...

Love your blog! So inspired!!!! I would wear the spiral ring as the finishing touch to a black slouchy long sleeve tee, white lace tap shorts, uber sheer knee high socks, and black ankle boots!

Laura said...

HII! im a folower and this is my
im kind of a rocker chick so i would wear it with my blak nail polish, my leather skinny pants and any cool bad t-shirt liek maybe from the doors or the ramones...

Pilar said...

I would wear it with anything! it´s so coool :)


pauline said...

wow this is such a beautiful ring! i follow via bloglovin! i love your nails too.

Katyusha said...

Hello Sandra.
A few days ago, I have seen your blog. Your blog pleases me very much!
You are very beautiful and talented girl. Your looks are very stylish and fashionable.

I live in Siberia, in a small town. But thanks to the internet I can travel around the world and study fashion.

I love to knit, sometimes I create own designs.
And if I would buy a similar ring, I would knit a asymmetric silver dress with open shoulder and I would wear a black sandals.
My knitted projects can be found here:
forgive my bad English


Asteria Latief said...

love it!
at the top of my head, i'd wear it with the diamond ring my parents gave me.

but it could be worn with anything and just simply by itself.

i make my own jewellery and LOVES creating statement rings, i've posted some on my blog if you're a fellow ring lover :)

Caroline said...

BEST blog giveaway ever. I would wear this ring every day. Love your blog to bits and pieces - I'm just tickled to have come across it.




Olya said...

I'm following you on blogger.
I would wear this ring with some loose white t shirt and leather shorts ( which I'm still looking for). And I would paint my nails black, cause I think that way the ring would stand out even more. Thank you so much for such an awsome give away!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!! Lol
xoxo, Olya

Maggie Makeup Addict said...

Already a follower on bloglovin'! :)

I think it'd be really cool to wear over a set of matte black gloves on a party night

Beryl said...

I would wear this ring with a bright popping nail polish color. Something perfect for spring like lilac, or lime! I think they would go great together!

I'm a follower on both Bloglovin' and Blogger :)

Mimmy xx said...

5 inch and up! I would love to wear that ring with my set of 3 silver rings my girlfriend designed and gave me as well as my vintage band

Mimmy xx

lizziemac123 said...


i honestly open your blog multiple times a day, just to see if anythings new, gotten so many ideas from your gorgeous photos.

Once i put that ring on i would never take it off.
literally, lol. i'm much like you, always searching for beautiful rings to wear all the time vintage, designer, local jewelry maker, whatever ;)

i'm in love with your bliog, your style, etc.

please please please pick me!

inspiring esby said...

i would where it on my brand new blog...and link it back to you. that way everyone in nyc would see it.
keep up the great blogging,

Jennifer said...

Thank you! I've found your blog through the bloglovin blog.


Tiffany said...

i'd wear it with everything.

C said...

I think the real question would be...when will I not wear it?

I'm an avid follower of your blog! I have to say, your posts really inspire me.

Sally said...

I love your blog its amazing how many followers you have already! I would love to wear this ring and I hope the ring would love being worn by me! I would wear it on my index finger and would constantly float my hand around my face to give it the attention it deserves :)

Mele said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mele said...

I Love it.. Kim Kardashian Stylist actually posted about this ring when she was in the store.. she posted the Gold and silver one... I so Love it. and its a very versatile ring so I would dress it up and down... Thanks for always posting you inspire us all.. Email:

Elisa said...

My new favorite thing is a handful of rings! My current #1 choice is the ring I got in Jackson Hole, WY after climbing the Grand Tetons. But thats on my right ring finger, and my left index finger would appreciate some lovin' ;)

I'd pair with a long sleeve striped boat neck tunic, the kind where the sleeves are so long you cant help but cuddle yourself, then a draped open-front cardi with sleeves rolled to 3/4 length so the stripes underneath are showing, a pair of leggings and maybe slouchy knee socks or legwarmers, sexy booties and a floppy hat or maybe a fedora!

Thanks for the chance to win! Ps you're beautiful and I'm so glad to have found your blog, its really inspiring.

Elizabeth said...

I'm already a follower, of course.

And this lovely ring could be worn with anything.

Frickys said...

I am addicted to silver jewelry. This one will look so coll with my new black maxi dress.


Madison said...

I've been looking for longer rings and I would definitely wear it everyday, its understated enough and will go with any ring in my growing collection. i actually really like all your rings especially the one on your index finger, its different. I like your nail polish too :]

createur-d'ensemble said...
I would wear it with my Ganesh ring I got in India and my hand chain slave thing.
I love it!

Emma said...

Oi, ihana koru! Hopeiset/hopeanväriset korut ovat mielestäni kaikkein kauneimpia. Tuota sormusta käyttäisin ehdottomasti edellispäivänä tilaamani Aquan Care bear-mekon kaverina. Kiitos vielä avusta koon valitsemisessa! Ihanaa kesää sinne!
- Emma

Ashley said...

it is not the thought of how i would wear it. because i would wear it every single day. i wish i can afford a piece as lovely as this. and just like you i would wear gorgeous nail polish.

i follow you on bloglovin. i am so happy i found you. you are actually my new fav blogger. and love love ur store

Drew said...

AHH!!! That ring is amazing! I would wear it alongside my many rings!! Love the spiral and the clean lines!!!

Love your blog!!!

Emm said...

Firstly i adore your nail polish. I've been looking for a grey/nude so ages now!

This ring is epic. I think i'd either wear it with a couple other simple small rings maybe a couple black stones or I would go all out and pack on the silver like you've done =) love it

Also an outfit would go either way. Very simple and structured or layed back slouchy items in soft natural colours.

Hmm now im excited! hah
I'd love the chance to blog about this ring

from spindizzyfall

jin said...

your blog inspires me
and i'd wear this ring with a casual comfy outfit, fav jeans + plain v-neck tee.

Niki said...

I just found your blog off of bloglovin' and I am lovin' your blog! Haha, I'm cheesy :) but really you have amazing taste. I am now a follower!

upside gold said...

I would wear it with my black leather jacket, jeans cut-off shorts and my black toms shoes! ooh and grey nails of course!

ee-phoi said...

Your blog is simply awesome and inspiriong, and in advance, thanks for the chance to win this ring ! I think its cool that you are very interactive with your readers :)

I simply love Marc Jacobs, mainly his items in the "special" range :) And his Maripol collection is so coool! I'd wear this with anything, and would it be a valuable addition to my ring collection. Who doesn't like playing with springs? :D
Well, have a nice dayyy :)

Lotta said...

Minulla ei ole paljon sormuksia, ja tuo olisi ihana ja toivottu lisä kokoelmaani. Yhdistäisin sen, sileän hopeasormukseni ja jonkin panssarisormuksen johonkin söpöön mekkoon muistuttamaan, etten ole aivan niin kiltti kuin miltä ehkä näytän.

Signe said...

was already following you and would wear it with just about anything :)

afterDRK said...

I've been following you from since your third post or something, immediately saved your blog in Bloglovin' back then. I would wear the ring with just about any other ring I'm able to find in my stash.

Olivia said...

Totally would wear it with multiple chunky rings and aqua green nail polish. Preferably with chunky silver necklace, cute hat, jean shorts, blazer, and white tee. simple, chic and comfy!

butterfly307 said...

I follow your blog via bloglovin. You have a really cool style!
And this ring is absolutely amazing! I think it would go great with any other silver accessory.


Stacey said...

Would love to win this ring! Love your blog and think this ring would look great worn on your finger or on even on a chain around your neck!

Jessica said...

I follow you on Bloglovin!

Found my way over here through Malenami's blog and I must say that I just looove your outfits!

I would wear the ring with one of the cute dresses I got from Century 21 in NY.

Today is my birthday so that ring would be a nice treat..:)

Katt said...

It would definitely be an every day ring. It's so fun and whimsical. Looks a bit like a slinky and it's simple but interesting enough to go with practically everything in my wardrobe.

Thanks for the giveaway!

lazyPanda said...

Love your blog, always exited when your blog pops up on my bloglovin :)

What an amazing ring.
I would wear it -with my new denim button up dress
-with jeans and T-shirt
-with denim cut offs
-with underwear
-with icecream
With everything really

Keep up the great work
Love from Norway

LUU H. said...

jeg ble en stalker for lenge siden ;)

Anonymous said...

Since silver matches with everything, I would most definitely wear it all the time :)

xo Nena

ingunn said...

Beautiful ring. I'min love :)

I'm already following you on bloglovin'

Imme said...

just like you,with many other rings,jeans short and simply black t-shirt......


Anonymous said...

I really love the ring! it's perfect for everything. long dresses, jeans, short dresses, t-shirts, tops etc.

Tori said...

This ring is dreamy (as is your blog, a little light in my day)!! In little New Zealand, the end of the earth, we can't get our hands on little treasures like this :(
I would wear daily, and love it to pieces.
Keep up the AMAZING work

T x

Magpie Mannikin said...

I'm following you on bloglovin'..

Ooooh its stunning. im all the way in South Africa and this piece would definitely turn heads..i'd probably have to wear it on my thumb..tiny fingers!!!..i'd never take it off though :)

Soo, Pick Me!! plus, its my birthday'd make my Year/Life!!! :)

Love your blog, keep up the great work!!

ceciliemaria said...

I already follow you on Bloglovin! :D

I love the simple, yet exciting look of the ring, and would wear it with my chunky silver men's watch, an oversized, white singlet, and washed out jeans or shorts.

Sunniva said...

I would wear it with all my other silver rings. Love!

Woonguek said...

Ahhhh I love that ring!! I would wear it with a floral crop top, a long knitted cardigan, a high waisted polka dot shorts and with that miumiu-ish socks I bought it from you with a pair of Jeffrey Campbell GS1 ;)

Franco Fernandez said...

CHRIST youv got a mission on your hands (and hot rings on your fingers!) to read thru all these ha!

Its one sexy ring, id just wear it and be sexy.


Franco xxx

Violet frog said...

And I have this great lace dress, that's really cute, but it needs ruffer accessories. My balck leather jacket and heels would go along with it, but a lot of rings is also a must! And i hope this ring is going to be the one on my index finger. :)

Woonguek said... (I'm following you on bloglovin'!)

Ahhhh I love that ring!! I would wear it with a floral crop top, a long knitted cardigan, a high waisted polka dot shorts and with that miumiu-ish socks I bought it from you with a pair of Jeffrey Campbell GS1 ;)

Enya said...

Following you on bloglovin and blogger :)

I would wear it with my Ksubi shiny black skinnies, YSL gold tank and a soft leather jacket!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandra!

Love that ring! If it were mine, I would wear it religiously with my Vivienne Westwood armor ring and some midnight blue nail polish. As for the outfit, I'd go with my vintage navy velvet shirt and leather shorts with strappy platforms.

Hope I win!
Love your blog always <3

Anna said...

Following you on bloglovin and on blogger :D

I would wear it with my skull ring to give it kind of a raw look :)

Anonymous said...

The rings are the memories of people who have donated them to you.
Each ring has a story, and a person.
You can wear it only with the heart.

Amo il tuo blog! :)


Juanduh. said...

love the rings and yours nails

annaversary said...

i would top it off with all my other silvers. mmm.

Diana said...

I would wear thr ring with a little black dress :)
Rings are my favorite jewlwry because any almost all my rings have a story and a person to whom I thing when I wear them.
I would love to thing of you too ...wearing this amazing ring :)

have a nice day!


Audrey said...

Love rings!! Have been wearing plenty of rings lately so would probably wear it like you have (ie. multiple rings) or simply on it's own since it's such a unique piece itself.

I'm already following you on Bloglovin'=)

maria said...

I love your blog and I love the ring. I woud wear it all the time.

Simone said...

I'm actually from Denmark, so I don't even know if I can qualify for this contest, but I'll try anyway :D

I would wear it alone, because I just had all of my jewllery stolen! Sad but true..

I love your blog, and is following you on bloglovin' :D

saldi_mada said...

I am from Lithuania and I don't know if I can enter this giveaway too, but I'll try. ;)

I think that this ring goes with everything ;) So I would wear it almost everyday with other my silver simple rings. I really love rings and it would be very nice to win this one ;)
I'm following your blog. It's very great and your style is amazing. :)

Camilla said...

What an amazing ring, that I would love to own!
I would wear it with all of my other silver rings and a simple outfit, so the jewellery would speak for itself.

Love your blog, and I am a follower on bloglovin. :)


maia kristine said...

I LOVE your blog and I read it at bloglovin every day :D Would be sooo happy to win this ring!

kelly said...

hi! this is an awesome give away!

i would wear it in my index finger. in my middle finger, if it fits and most likely for when i go to work! since work has my fingers imprisoned, but not my spirit!yo!

love and follow everyday your blog.

Renata said...

Amazing ring,im happy that you have it=)
Bloglovin follower

Lisa said...

I'd wear it in contrast to my new golden watch.

Miyan said...

I'm always checking into your blog- you are so stylish and it's fun to read your short, to-the-point posts and get some styling tips from ya! Would love to win this ring, I'd wear it a LOT, but it would be super fun with a short, funky dinner date dress in a popping color like pink or purple. Thanks for the chance to win!!

Camilla Marie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Camilla Marie said...

lucky you!
I'd wear it with lot's of other silver rings, my new dress from Tiger of Sweden and some nice dark smokey eyes to go with it all.

thanks for a great blog.


Kaisa said...

Wow, what an amazing ring! But what else could we have axpected when your style is as amazing too.

I'd wear that with some big sized Kalevala rings I'm planning to buy in near future.

sheita (a)

Kristine Leite said...

Love love love your blog. Your such a true inspiration. I would love that ring to death cuz, MJ is my favo designer. As a student I can't afford beautiful stuff like that. Last time I bought something from a designer I saved up for months to afford a marc by mj bag(obviously). Would wear it with 4 other rings, in all shapes and styles. Would also wear it with a panamahat, loose white tee, puffy, silkshorts, wedges, and plenty of necklaces. At least when it gets a bit warmer here in Norway..

Grübchen said...

Amazing ring. ♥

Chloeee said...

love this spiral marc ring.

i've been eyeing a similar one, i guess it would add a bit of pop to a black outfit. and the simpleness makes it a easy to wear!


Dagmar said...

Love the ring!!

Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...

Ah what a fabulous giveaway! I'd love to win this and wear it with EVERYTHING this summer! :)

Sidney said...

Oh that ring is beautiful!!
I would where it all the time with all my outfits!!!

and heres my blog:


kirstyb said...

such an amazing giveaway count me entered xxxx

Kalli said...

Lovely ring!!
I would wear it with my other silver rings just like you!
May the luckiest win!


Brett Sutcliffe said...

Oh my god those rings are really really cool

jennamaria said...

I'm following you on blogger. That ring is so elegant and gorgeus that I would probably wear it with my fancier dresses. My email is

NaomiDee said...

oh my! i think id cry with happiness if i actually won that ring haha. i would probably wear it with another armour ring and chanel jade nail polish. :)

Raabe said...

id have to wear it with everything and all the time, because i'm sure my finger wouldn't ever want to part from it. ;)
oh, and following you on bloglovin'!

Mikkel said...

Hi i love your blog . I would wear it with an all black outfit to make it spice the outfit up in a perfect way .

- Mikkel

Anonymous said...

Wonderful ring! I would wear it with almost all of my clothes, because the ring is simpel, but still so special and amazing!

Margherita Berti said...

Hello, I would wear it with black nail polish and dress up in a kind of ''rock way'' you know what I mean ;)

Anonymous said...

my gosh this is georgous!
i'd coat my nails with the darkest red i can find.


Anna-Maria said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anna-Maria said...

Ooh it's soooooo lovely!

I would wear it with the rest of my silver rings, it would make a great addition to the collection!

You're the best!:)


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