Tuesday, 11 May 2010


river island jumpsuit
h&m belt
miu miu platforms

pictures by Tasha

The hunt for miu miu inspired pieces continues.. I have to say that I am a bit surprised that there aren't too many out there.. yet(?) But my new jumpsuit.. not really miu miu but maybe a little? the kind of thing you could easily wear around the clock..

and sorry.. I know I have been wearing the miu miu's non-stop.. I'll take a tiny break from them..


Ioana Liliana Gheorghe said...

They do are gorgeous, I would reconsider that little break if I where you. The photo's look great, ad so does the jumpsuit!

Annachiara said...

you're faaaantastic *_*

Pauline said...

amazing shoes !
I love your jumpsuit.

Stephanie said...

Just found your blog, and I'm loving it! ;)
love your looks!!



Anonymous said...

where were you able to order the shoes from.

Roya + the Machine said...

To be honest if I had those Miu Mius I would never take them off.

SANDRA said...

Thanks for the sweet comments!

Shoes I bought from harrods in london

Katnani said...

Love the jumpsuit! You styled it wonderfully! <3 Can't get over those Miu Miu shoes of yours, either! They're so beautiful!


pkjb said...

Er - i don't think i'd ever take them off if they were mine!

moded'amour said...

Gorgeous outfit, love your shoes and the jumpsuit so much!


moded'amour said...

Gorgeous outfit, love your shoes and the jumpsuit so much!


dreamylacey said...

the outfit looks just fantastic on you. the miu miu platforms are killers!!!


Lilisfashion said...

This is gorgeous! Love love love the jumpsuit :)

Le garçon avec les lunettes said...

Love those pictures... they are so gorgeous!!!

The Fashion Cloud said...

and the pictures are just perfect


*chara said...

At the first sight it looks like MIU MIU..
The shoes are breathtaking..
I don't blame you for wearing them non-stop.. I would do the same..


Tinja said...

You look gorgeous girl!

the guilty hyena said...

The Jumpsuit definitely reminds me of Miu Miu. Great find!


Sophie said...

OHHH i like the jumpsuit and those miu miu's.
i die. i die.

everyone please check out my fashion blog


I promise you will love it ;o)

Copious Couture said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE that jumpsuit... so sexy!!!!


Maria said...

noo, don't take a break :D

Fashion Drift said...

so jealous of those platforms!!1


Dip-tea said...

Sigh! Drool! Die!

Alice said...

You look great :D

Alice said...

You look great :D

Ivanka said...

You look stunning! i love it!

Minette said...

you look fantatic!!! love your MIU MIU shoes! <3



Rebecca said...

wow! that outfit is so stylish and cool! i love the alexander wang plait :)

chichichic said...

AMAZING jumpsuit!



ceciliemaria said...

What can I say? Perfect! :D You look stunning! Say hello to your new fan! ;)

Dasha said...

Beautiful jumpsuit and I love your hair:)....tnx for kind mail, you are so sweet:)

NLR said...

Amazing jumpsuit!!! And, yes, I still love your platforms ;-)

Michelle Elaine said...

Isn't this Miu Miu collection simply addicting? I'm completely obsessed! Miu Miu cult ♥

Keep me posted about any other great Miu Miu copy-cat inspired pieces. I believe Zara has a romper and that French Connection has a blouse.

You've got great style my friend! Glad I stumbled upon your blog via Le Fashion.


Julia said...

your blog is awesome!!!!

Lindstyle said...

dont take a break from the shoes! they are fab i dont blame you!!

xo Lindsey

Zionnah said...

I love the jumpsuit and shoes! <3


Sophie said...

Wow, the jumpsuit is so nice! Dont you worry about the Miu Miu shoes - they look great on you! :)

Best regards

Jennie Nhi Nguyen said...

you look so gorgeous in that jumpsuit!

xx http://www.asianeyedgirl.blogspot.com/

Davidikus said...

There is an awful lot of style in this first picture - I am impressed!


Fashion & DIY said...

this outfit seems perfect, comfy and chic!

kirstyb said...

wow that jumpsuit looks gorge xxxx

Fashion By He said...

love the miu miu jumpger, you look amazing as always!! .

can we link exchange?



Stephanie said...

ahhhhhhhmazing pairing! I love the miu miu shoes with the jumpsuit-- which i thought was miu miu initially ;)


Sarah @ Pandora's Box said...

Congrats on being in the 2% of the population that can make a jumpsuit look good! And wear those shoes as much as you want! You dropped the cash so you deserve to show those babies off!

FashionsLaboratory said...

Fab outfit, LOVE it!!!

Lis-x- said...

Ah, love your jumpsuit! You've got such great style!

Lis xXx

Off The Wardrobe

OooKellyNicky said...

Those platforms are delish! You look uber chic. For some reason, I don't think I can pull off a jump suit....

my blog: ♥La Stylin Girraffe♥

leather lace blog said...

fabulous! love the jumpsuit and of course...the shoes!



Franco Fernandez said...

haha we all know what its like to live in a pair of shoes! christ if i had those id sleep in them! i wa sthinking how long it ould be until the highstreet started waxing the miumiu print, its only a matter of time...best get the fix before they do! wickid outfit, Franco xx

Lena Elmone said...

Love the outfit but the SHOES ARE AMAZING. I'm dying for some Miu Miu Spring 2010 shoes and yours are absolutely perfect! I just love your blog so much!

ps. check out this blog

Angela said...

AMAZING JUMPSUIT! I love it..xoxo

Adele said...

i deffinately thought miu miu before I saw that the jumpsuit was from river island. was quite suprised actually. those platforms are amazing!
- Adele

capperson said...

Too cute!!!! I really love the shoes!!!

HAL said...

Looove these shoes. Can't wait for my clogs to come, I've been waiting forever!


HAL said...

Hey girl, I got the brown suede Miu Miu halter clogs from Net-A-Porter. I had originally ordered them in brown leather/blue satin from Neiman's, but like what's going on with your JCs, they kept pushing back and pushing back the shipping until I just cancelled them and ordered something I knew I'd receive before this baby has his first birthday, haha!


Fuji Files said...

The perfect romper! I thought it must be a priceless vintage find but relieved to see it's River Island! And please, keep on keeping on with the Miu Miu's, I can't get enough.

xx FujiFiles

Nvs said...

beautiful style...

Nazneen said...

your jumpsuit is adorable! I love the prints and colour :)

again, in love with the shoes!


marie said...

cute jumpsuit, girly <3

Lainey said...

Your jumpsuit rocks my world. I absolutely love everything about it! What a great find! Love the blog btw! I'm definitely following.

PUNKIE said...

wow, amazing look! both the shoes and the jumpsuit are stunning!

Sally said...

Love the outfit when I first saw the jumpsuit I immediately thought miu miu!


Renata said...


The Pretty Club said...

Love it sooo much!

and loving your braid too, very pretty (:

Carla said...

i would be wearing them nonstop if i had them as well! you look so lovely :)


Kate said...

Love love love these pics! That jumpsuit is fantastic! xx

StyleCake said...

AH! what a perfect jumpsuit! and you had me fooled.. i thought it was a real miu miu print. Great find!

Mcmaris said...

Love this jumpsuit. I also love those miu miu's prob wouldnt take them off either!!

Margherita Berti said...

that is really amazing

Gerdur said...

I love this look, im hot for jumpsuits and miu miu shoes, lovely items :)

jennifer, said...

love this!

Valentina_s said...

Ehi darling i love this jumpsuit!!


pelt said...

Love this!



Fabi said...

looooooove this outfit!!! your blog is amazing!

Becca said...

Check out Zara. They had something with the cat print last time I was there. Better yet, check out a fabric store and find something equally kitschy that's still your own.

xo, Becca @ FreeHoney.blogspot.com

Adri said...

Those miu miu shoes are impeccable...the style is unique and so versatile. Great look..Im happy to have found a blog with such great inspiration

ellie jane-e valentine. said...

so jealous of those shoes! tried to get them here, and they sold out immediately! my search continues.


Brittany Matthews said...

that jumpsuit is so fantastic

you should take a look at my blog! im just starting i would love your support :]


Angie said...

Love the outfit...:)))
The shoes are gorgous..:))
xxxx Angie :)



Awesome shoes!


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Hanna said...

this jumpsuit is gorgeous ! hearting the miu miu inspired style !

ElSolAmado said...

Your hair is wonderful, your Style is amazing, you're a very big inspiration..and your charisma is absolutly AWESOME :)
Love your Blog...

DNA (designers+artists) said...

You can wear the Miu Miu platforms for days and we'll never get sick of that beauty!

the red bungalow said...

I adore this! You are certainly brave to wear a long floral jumper, and it looks so great on you too! Loving it. :)

Bre @ http://theredbugalow.blogspot.com

pauline said...

id be wearing them nonstop too... :]

The Vogue Diaries said...

this outfit is amazing!!


Beatlovingmusic said...

Great heels!

tatiana said...

i have just recently discovered your blog and i must say im in love. i adore your style. you fucking never look bad. your great :)

Flowerchildstyle.blogspot.com said...

Luv luv luv the jumpsuit! and the blog! will follow.

Follow me at :


Sarah said...

That jumpsuit is fab. I wouldn't be brave enough to wear it but you carry it off with style. xx

Kookie B. said...

that jumpsuit of yours is by far the best jumpsuit i've seen!


glamirrorous.com said...

I don't like jumpsuits that much, probably because I cant put them on, but yours look great and you gorgeous! The bright blue color is fantastic! Love your hair! ^^

xoxo Sandra

Closet Fashionista said...

I am in LOVE with those shoes! That outfit is great! :D

Bailey Hospodor said...

Love the jumpsuit, and you are so lucky to have the Miu Miu platforms, incredibly jealous!


Catita said...

i loooooove the jumpsuit, simply amazing!

Anonymous said...

hate those shoes

smäm said...

LOVE the river island jumpsuit. I wish I lived in England now :)


love your jumpsuit

enterrement vie de jeune fille Paris said...

J'adore ton blog il me donne plein d'idées.


FashionQueen294 said...

Love the jumper!!!


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