Monday, 25 October 2010

Favorite little things for fall

1. the messy braid 7 days a week
2. sleeves with thumb holes
4. old piercing, new ring and cuff
4. frozen grapes outside our house back home
5. nails inc. new autumn colors

what's yours?



Catherine Bell said...

love the messy hair plait all the way :) and the new cuff! cat x

Marloes. said...

love the braid!

FashionableAsians said...

The messy braided hair for me as well and flat ankle booties, I can wear them the entire season!

SAM said...

and the crispy cold air and the smell of fire places! so peacful :)
loving the new colours x

Nemerae said...

Those colours for nails are wonderful :P and I also love messy braids!

Nikki said...

Love the messy braid!

my favorite little fall things are scented candles, red wine, colorful leaves, thee and Stampot(typical dutch food)

xo Nikki

Hannah said...

Some converses and pumpkin spice candles!

marzia ponzi said...

My favorite thing is the wool cap, of course!!

marzia ponzi said...

My favorite thing is the wool cap, of course!!

Angie said...

Love the hair...Really nice pics..



Don't bother to pass by my blog and comment...Would love to read your comments and why not have u as my followers..Would love that too..:PP

verychiclist said...

love the plait

Jose Camacho said...

the messy braid looks good with anything.
1. favorite little things: chunky scarves
2. loose sweaters
3. chapstick and thick gloves!
4. spice and muted colors: mustard, umber, mandarin orange and the neutral colors of course.

Jose C.

Bibi said...

i've been embracing the messy braid so easy and comfy i wear mine to the side mostly the top picture is pretty


loved your nail polish and braid!!

mine are:

1. rubber boots
2. tutti frutti lipbalm by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada
3. long and warm knitted dresses
4. no breakfast
5. mirrors
6. mittens
7. aviator jacket =)

Camilla said...

1) a big red knit
2) big duvets

Ronisha said...

Beautiful !!!!

Li-La said...

nuetrogena hand cream...and lots of layers

Helena from BrooklynBlonde said...

Yes, loveee the braid!!

Mine are:
Pumpkin candles followed by "Holiday Wreath" Candles

Pumpkin Loaf Bread and Lattes

Chunky Sweaters

Stepping on crispy leaves! :)

Sydney Rahimtoola said...

definitely has to be:

1. incenses
2. vanilla lotions and creams
3. red lipstick
4. feather accessories
5. thick scarves
6. thick leggings



jadore said...

I love braids as well. Braids are great to do when Im too lazy to do my hair =)

Begooo said...

1. ANY kind of sweater.
2. Fur hats.
4. More black and brown colors.

These are my favorites for now. Hope you like 'em.

Begüm <3

Tiffany's Small World said...

love the messy hair

Ana said...

i really love these pictures


Megan Quint said...

This post feels so autumnal, defintely helps get me in the fall mood! Just did an entry on what to wear in the rain, myself :)

LittleRachael said...

Great photos! Gotta love the messy plait!

Little rachael


chunky knits, leather lace up boots and some plaid!

Royan24 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Royan24 said...

I love the messy braid! If only my hair could do that, but my hair is naturally straight, dark, and pretty much not-stylable. Don't get me wrong, I love my straight and black hair, but sometimes I wish I could do things with it!

ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR said...

Love the nail shades...

XoXO-Kelli K

jessie said...

† thick thigh-highs over nylons or skinny jeans.
† popped coat collars.
† over-sized scarves.
† Hot tea.
† Snuggle buddies :)

Haven't thought of a messy braid, but now that the wind is picking up, I could use a good hairdo hold down.

gucci watches said...

Thanks for such a great post and the review, I am totally impressed!


Love the hair and thumb holes!

the red bungalow said...

I love braids too and wear them constantly! However, I don't have that LONG LONG gorgeous hair that you do. I have a big crush on your beautiful mane, lol.


Bre @

Sweet Confessions said...

love the first photo!

Jakarech said...

Great photos and details!!

I love sleeves with holes too!!

Jennifer and Sherry said...

i love your photos!! so cute. :)

Emma says, style, love & rock and roll. said...

it's so beautiful with the messy braid!

Theonlyfashionprincess said...

like the messy braid and the nailpolishes! :) I love socks,tights,boots,wedges, knits and coats especially. But I think I love a lot more things for autumn.

CC said...

I am obsessed with messy plaits as well! :)

Miss Molly said...

even tho in South Africa we are going into Summer, the messy braid is still on the top of my list! freaking amazing!


Elena Vasilieva said...

loved the selection, cool autumn stuff, definitely musthaves


Shebelle said...

I have 6 pierces accounted for (one in the chin but now it's gone) lol
Great shots, love the emotions they project!

MELISSA Z. said...

the first pic is wonderful, well done! <3

Princess Peach said...

- Chunky Knitwear
- Candles all over the house
- Soups (home-made)
- New Winter Coat
- Blood Red nail polish
- Bracing winter walks

Rule of Fashion said...

love the colour of the nailpolishes

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Anonymous said...

hi! i love this post.
i was wondering what camera you use because i always love your photography and am looking to purchase one! your help would be greatly appreciated.
Jess :) xx

FashionHippieLoves said...

love your hair!


Chezzelia said...

love your photo's!

bravegrrl said...

perfect braid :)

oomph. said...

the braid is fabulous. gray polish, aldo platform wedges, and blanket-y sweaters are on my fall list.

Nancie said...

awesome selection! xoxo

like a fox said...

love the cuff and i started cutting holes in all my sweaters a few months ago...

check out aussie style blog LIKE A FOX at

hannah said...

the braid is my favorite. if only my hair would grow!!!!


Katie said...

1. Sugar cookies
2. Slatkin & Co. Pumpkin Patch candles
3. Over-sized sweaters
4. NARS Angelika
5. Dark polish

Nyrha said...

Love the pics! First one is my favourite

Sunny & Star said...

1. adding extra blankets to my bed
2. the smell of sweet potatoes baking when I visit my grandmother
3. hot chocolate with cinnamon
4. trick or treaters
5. wearing tights

You have such a pretty blog. Your pictures are lovely

VICTORIA said...

your blog is marvellous, i am extremely intrigued by this one post! i find these pictures to be absolutely amazing, and im really loving your hair!


Fashion Queen said...

I really love your hair.

Susu Paris Chic said...

Nails Inc and I say yes... such delish hues!

Annelie said...

Great nail colours :-)

commepolly said...

I just discovered your blog and i absolutely love it!!!

fashion clocked said...

gorgeous everythings here. Id go with messy hair bun, layers, fur and long nights.Katie.xx

fashion clocked

Ninjagaiden78 said...

I like the photos. Good shots.

Queen of Mayhem said...

what a wonderful braid. it looks straight off the runway. :)

Emily Jean said...

my favorite of your favorite things for fall...that braid! love it!

Lindstyle said...

definitely leggings and boots daily!!

xo lindsey

Kim said...

Loooove the braid. And it's perfect for my hair, as it never stays put :) Definite autumn inspiration!


franca maisha said...

the first photo is lovely!! :)


Liz, love. said...

Such cute nail polish colors!

I love reading next to the fire, Pumpkin Chai lattes from Starbucks, Wool coats, and cozy knit scarves!


Selik said...

1. My long brown 70s aviator coat that makes me feel like I'm in a steampunk story.
2. braiding two small braids in my hair hippie-style.
3. Making up a fire and drink hot chocolate.

landel said...

fall keeps me so High and I love it. Well we have the same style of hair, braid and messy. My leather jacket haha I got it from my mum 2 years ago. Soap, soap, soap!YUM

PaolinaBM said...

the braid is totally beautiful! I want the same hair!

Jade Briony said...

yellow, brown, red crunchy leaves on the floor and kicking through them.

An Open Ending (Hannah) said...

WHERE have you brought your sleeves with thumb holes?!?! Totally love it!

An Open Ending (Hannah) said...

WHERE have you brought your sleeves with thumb holes?!?! Totally love it!

Jackie said...

1. leather boots
2. pumpkin lattes
3. pumpkin pie
4. spiderweb decorations
5. leaves changing colors and flying all over the place
6. scary movies!!
7. turkey & stuffing & cranberries


Carolyn said...

your braided hair looks so good!

Miyan said...

chunky knit sweaters, thick patterened tights, knee-high boots, scarves


Beeyond said...

the braid looks great!

I love having warm tea when coming in from the cold outside, warm wool socks, overknees and going jogging outside (not too hot, not too cold).

A Maze In Grace said...

I love:

1) Pumpkin Pancakes & Pumkin Lattes (anything pumkinreally)
2) Over the knee boots
3) Riding leggings
4) Turtlenecks (My bf hates them)
5) OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Nail Color

Anonymous said...

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Blue shoes ?

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