Monday, 25 October 2010

Welcoming vogue's fashion night in

Most of you are probably familiar with vogue's fashion night out, right? well now it's been confirmed that november 1st will be vogue's fashion night in, with amazing discounts and exclusive offers at your fave online shopping destinations! on board is some of my addictions like my-wardrobe, asos, net-a-porter, selfridges, browns, louisaviaroma and maaaany more (others can still sign up!) I will also have a little 'cyber party' over at my blog, with giveaways and other fun, so mark that night as a stay at home monday and get ready to shop like never before!

check it out here

also if you are an online retailer taking part in the event and would like to offer a discount/giveaway for readers of 5 inch and up, do drop me an email at

wooohoooo it's gonna be fun!!



Ivania santos By DIAMOND said...

Nice :)*

Ivânia Diamond*

Paula said...

i LOVE the idea!

Marloes. said...

that's some amazing news!

Anonymous said...

so so sooo excited :)


so cool!

Nicola said...

Ooh, I read about this today, can't waits:) x

Enamodeuse said...

Another fashion night out? That´s good news!:D

neon genesis said...

Oh man, this sounds spectacular.

Ivania said...

oh yes! I love this!
I was always sooo bummed not to be able to be a part of NY's fashion night out

Deano SC said...

Fully don't get it haha

Ana said...

fun! i cannot wait!!

stop by:

Ylenia said...


have you check on my giveaway?

come and have a look at:

Lots of Love

Pasiphae said...

How lovely! It's my name day on the 1st of November and it will be the best way to celebrate it! Thank you for the info! :))


Li said...

What a good idea!

WhatWillErinWear said...

ah I can't wait for discounts from net-a-porter!


Great idea!

Shebelle said...

Sounds totally new and rejuvenating!

Iben said...


Annelie said...

sounds like a lot of fun...

Lady Gabby said...

Awesome :)
Please check out my blog and give me feedback on what you'd like to see!

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