Tuesday, 9 August 2011


isabel marant top
vintage levi's shorts
h&m mesh shorts
alexander wang shoes
In the hopes of trying to make the probably most featured blogger favorite less boring, I wore my denim cut-offs with mesh shorts.. and in the risk of looking like a complete hillbilly I took to my brilliant isabel marant knit, which actually now feels like the only right decision if you are sitting on a pile of wood in the middle of the forest..


The PvdH Journal said...

Well what fantastic photographs. The best thing? The whole thing, but particularly the little peek-a-boooo tights underneath the denim.

Beautifully odd is how I would describe this outfit.



Jerrica said...

I do like those mesh sorts under the levi's very not boring :-)


Fashion Nostalgia

Nomadic D. said...

Love that IM mesh top! But seriously, how are you balancing on those logs in hose heels?!


The Fancy Teacup said...

This is by far one of my most favorite outfits of yours. The perforated Isabel Marant jumper paired with the mesh shorts and denim cutoffs is layering perfection.

♥, Jamie

Ofelia said...

amazing scenery! love the outfit!

Glass of Fashion

Aleeza D. said...

It's good to know that bloggers have a sense of humour. Love how the mesh shorts and heels fit together in all the forestry and wilderness of the photo.

WOLFCUB said...

that jumper is so so good x

Onyeka Uddoh said...

Love the little lights

patrycja2407 said...

I love your jumper!!
greetings :)

Alamodewearhouse said...


Miss Lou said...

You are always SO COOL SANDRA! I love your style! This nail polish is FANTASTIC!

Besos from BARCELONA!


Edwina said...

love your Wangs.

David Diaz said...

Your hair is gorgeous! :D

Have a Good Day!



libby said...

love this outfit! the sweater is amazing! also love the wood logs, so pretty!


weasel said...

This wood is perfect for taking photos. You look amazing, and this knit is fantastic.

Bonnie said...

You look nothing like a hillbilly. I have never seen hillbillies wear shoes like this.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Tiffany said...

Love those shoes!

Sydney said...

i love the shorts underneath the shorts!


FashionFreak/Mihaela said...

lovely nails!

My blog♥mfashionfreak

kate funk said...

Love all of this, especially how indulgent the heels are sitting on a pile of logs. Love it.
velvet cupcakes

blondehaus said...

Those rings are absolutely to die for! Great outfit - I'm obsessing.


Jen S. said...

I love the background in your first picture!!


Anonymous said...

Loving the tights!! Been trying to wear them like that for a while, great idea :)

Swirls of Happy said...

Tights look fab...love it layered under shorts.

Mauimandy@The Grains of Paradise said...

Not boring at all! I love the whole look! Aloha:)


these images are such an escape, how stunning. What a lovely forest, and those shoes- amazing!

great post,

Dominique B. said...

I want those mesh shorts too!!!
The Niknok Style

Did you dress in the dark. said...

gorgeous pictures!
love the top and shorts!


isabel said...

well i think this is the first outfit that i see of you that i very much don't like.
the tights underneath the shorts just don't work in my view :/

La Petite Olga said...

Great top! And I love these pictures!!

xx Olga
La Petite Olga

Alicia said...

GREAT photos & ❤ your shoes very much!

Vasilieva said...

loved the photos, absolutely gorgeous


Jamie Lee @ www.ditzalee.blogspot.com said...

Love. You also have gorgeous hair..I almost envy it. Shoes are killer.


Jamie Lee

SparksandFireworks said...

perfect setting for this look! Although i was worried for you if they decided to start rolling!! That mesh top is perfect! I love how you kept it your style with those lovely shoes!!


Hilda Nicholas said...

Ha! I love forest photoshoots. Awesome!

Camilla said...

Those logs are so beautiful, and the idea of layering the mesh and denim was brilliant :)



Fashiable said...

Ohhh perfect look. I love those shorts. And I want your top NOW :)


Naina said...

Love how you switched it up and made it more unique, really great styling!


Borjana said...

Ohhh the shoes are killing me!!Looove them!

Keita said...

WOW!I very love this outfit)


sarah. said...

Lovelove the jumper! And amazing hair!


jeunes gens comme hier said...

Y really love your RINGS !!!!!!!!! You always have fantastic jewlery !
Anyway, you look gorgeous, lost in the middle of a forest. LOVE


Raspberry & Rouge said...

Cute top, love it! You look so cool! XO Rebecca


Thrift_Queen said...

Never thought the look of mesh shorts with cut-offs can be this sexy.loving it:) your hair and nails are always awesome:)

A La Mode said...

This is such an incredible setting! My favourite outfit post location ever I think.

Céline K.G said...

Love this shoot, ove the hair, and the way you wear all this...

xoxo, Céline

ASH said...

Awesome setting. Words cannot describe how i feel about your hair.

Bch said...

lovely outfit ;)


Bara S said...

oh perfect i love your style =)

Emily said...

Unexpected combo as always! Love it!!

Michelle Goldie said...

The setting is amazing, and the outfit set itself perfectly apart from this, that isabel marant top is gorgeous, what a lovely blog.

I would love it if you were able to check out Goldie Londons latest blog on our merchandising assistant 'Cecile' & let us know what you think.



Demi said...

the rings are amazing!

Erin Z said...

Love your hair! And I think those logs are great as backdrops.


panna e caffè said...

this is a strange outfit, but just perfect on you, on your stunning legs beauty!! pics are amazing, as always! ;)

xoxo from france

Sara Sousa said...

i love your blog, your style, but first of all: your hair.

kiss from Portugal

Rochelle Fox said...

ohhh ia m loving reading all your blog posts i have always been into bike shorts under shorts its such a cute look adore xx ♥ A fox that meows http://rochellefox.blogspot.com/

sJ said...

love your style!

Aubrey. said...

loving this location so much!


Rebecca said...

Love the scenery! I have similar shorts, but they were only £4 and look cheap... Can't afford anything else, although I would love an Isabel Marant knit!

Maria N said...

these photos are absolutely beautiful.. such a gorgeous setting



Laura said...

Great pics! That knit of yours is absolutely beautiful!


Shebelle said...

Those shoes kill!


crazy pig said...

awesome combination! Your layering is so original - I mean, the short transparent tights rock. And so does the sweater!

pinkmate said...

definitely loving the shoes!!!



Sara said...

Just looove your yellow nails and the top.

Great pictures, again!


Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts said...

Absolutely LOVE the denim shorts with the mesh bike-shorts underneath!

Linda said...

I adore the top, supercool!

x Linda


I Art Fashion said...

Those shoes are amazing.
How did you climb the wood pile for the picture?
Very pro :)

fashion meets art said...

So amazing! I love your blog!
Greets from Germany,
maren anita

Camilla said...

both setting and outfit is great, but you're right. It's not the most practical outfit in terms of sitting on a pile of trees. But who cares? :-D I don't, because the outcome is great!

Camilla, Denmark.


effortlesscool said...

LOVE that you rocked some bike shorts underneath! and that knit looks so cozy <3

XO Sahra

Hannah Bussell said...

Looking amazing, and your gigantic plait is beautiful!!!!!! Was heels the right decision to wear in a forest though? hahaa


Sophie Loloi said...

lovely photo and i love your shoes!



ozlemce-lik said...

i looveeeeee wang

Winter Cake said...

The hair, the nail polish, the shorts, the shoes... all perfect!

Anna said...

Amazing scenery and cool outfit! Perfect!

Sinful Imperfection said...

Love the mesh...
checkout and follow: www.sinfulimperfection.blogsspot.com

Raspberry Jam said...



Back to Front said...

Beautiful location x

mo said...

You look amazing, cool outfit!


bubblybeccy said...

Gorge style,
I love the edge you've added

BB, xoxo

martha said...

seriously good!!!

martha said...

seriously good!!!

Natalie said...

Love your style.You look fab! Wish i could pull things off like this :(

Hope your well.

Nats. xx


Katie said...

I love mesh tops! Yours is the perfect color and length :)


esiuol said...

everything about this is amazing. That. Is. All.

oh and the fact that you have gorgeous hair.

just a few of my fashion faves...

Katarzyna Smok Sm. said...

you always surprise me! <3 best blogger ever.

Just a lazy morning said...

awesome pic!!!

KimChicSisters said...

Amazing shots!


DNA (designers+artists) said...

Mesh tops are my all time favorite, love this Isabel Marant top.


Jessica Deanna said...

Love your photography. It has a style of it's own.
The H&m shorts are adorable. I love the fact that legging shorts can really make a difference to an outfit, definitely an essential item for the perfect wardrobe.
Solar Falcon

Kaitlin Mattingly said...

I love the location of these shots, and that sweater thing is awesome!



Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SAMANTHA said...

I LOVE THIS LOCATION! and your isabel marant top, of course!


Mimi said...

Amazing shoes, fab photos but the most divine element is that HAIR!

Mimi from Eyeshadow Lipstick

Neris / Fashion Fractions said...

Stunning look! You have gorgeous legs!


Fashion Fractions

Leonie said...

i love your hair :D

Desiree Choo said...

I love those shorts! Looking for one myself. :)


L'marie said...

want to be you!

Harri said...

the 2 pairs of shorts combo - amazing!

Urgh your so sickeningly stylish :)



Taylor said...

I have the dress version of that sweater... I love it and I love the way you put this together.

Liz Lizo said...

You look so chic in the woods, furthest thing from a hillbilly!

jessica january said...

beautiful setting! love the top.
january, x

The Living Clothes Hanger said...

loose braids look so great with your hair!

Hannah said...

Like your blog verry much!

Marcella Castro said...

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Check it out: http://semanier.com/camisinha-de-que/


Opalintheclouds said...

literally love those mesh cycling shorts, are they from london?

Monica said...

You really make the hill billy look work, especially with that perfect braid. I love the logs, they provide such a nice backdrop for a photo shoot.


CHIC-Y said...

The styling is magnificent and I can't think of a more perfect location.

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Vanessazytw said...

Your hair is gorgeous! :D Have a Good Day! David VirtuallyStunning.blogspot.com

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