Monday, 19 September 2011

Minimal baroque

h&m hair ring

photos by stefanie

I allowed myself a new pair of sunglasses although the warm weather is officially over.. I have to admit I was quite fascinated by pradas blue and white extreme sunglasses that were everywhere last summer, but as I could not see myself wearing them much after the season in question (which I do understand is not always the point) I fell for this black version.. a combination of a cat eye and the classical round shape too perfect to pass.

and the much waited hair ring arrived to the high street, such a find that for the price of a soda I'm stocking up on these.. I have a feeling they might sell out and become one of those cheap finds you end up paying designer prices for on ebay.



The Fancy Teacup said...

The black hue was the perfect choice, timeless and versatile. You look beautiful in them! And adore that hair ring, such a polished accessory.

♥, Jamie

hannah said...

GORGEOUS! i love those sunnies on you. and if i could get my hair in a pony i would totally rock that hair ring! love love love.




great hair accessory!!

J'Adore Fashion said...

Love the glasses!



you always have the best photos. I almost bought that one too, but got a Proenza dress instead...thought it was more bang for my buck. These look great on you tho.

Nádia said...

The sunglasses are marvelous, but I'm truly overwhelmed by your hair ring <333

the mode journal said...

I sure am going to H&M this week. Also, ♥ the Prada sunglasses. Good choice!

Diana said...

these pictures are truly beautiful!! love the hair ring -- they better stock it in the boston store... i want to snatch one for myself :) xo

~~~Jibby West~~~ said...

I love the prada sunnies

Camille Beaudet said...

great accessories!


Joanne Christina said...

I really want to try these hair rings, I just dont think they will hold my hair.

stylemailbox said...

amazing. love it! the gold pony is so fun!

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Blondie Secrets said...

lovely sunglasses!!


Jen S. said...

I love your sunglasses. I like that they are the classic black color and then the shape of them adds interest.


Brie M said...

I love your hair, those sunnies and your face! OMG!!!! So pretty!


SAMANTHA said...

I loveee those sunglasses! Amazing!

Kelsey Mazzanti said...

Effortlessly stunning!

Liz said...

Perfect! :)

Liz said...

the sunglasses are absolutely lovely! i've never seen a hair ring before...really cool though! can't imagine how you keep it from slipping.


Jessica Deanna said...

Funny how you can see the growing trend in hair cuffs now.. I did an outfit post wearing one I invented myself, quite a while back.

Love the colors in these photos, so soft.

Aesthetic Solar Falcon

The Style Realist said...

Make note to self, gotta try this..

Julia said...

the details in your style are always to perfection!

xo Julia

Kristen Blaire said...

You look stunning !

Kristen Blaire said...

You look stunning !

london loves said...

They are gorgeous! And they totally suit you! (Just saying because so many people buy designer shades just because of the name and then look silly with them on.)

London Last Night

She Wears, She Shares said...

I NEED this hair ring! Loved your diy though. Must do!



I'm Just Me said...

love the glasses!! :)

Rola said...

Cool finds! You always look great!

thestyleflux said...

Such a sexy sunnies!

xx Kaye

Mary said...


BeTwin Us said...

Those sunnies look flawless and fabulous with the golden hair ring. So simple yet so stylish!

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BeTwin Us

Michelle Lee said...

Love your sunglasses so much :) pretty hair

La Petite Olga said...

That hair ring is gorgeous!

xx Olga
La Petite Olga

Vasilieva said...

loved these pradas on you

Pauline said...

I love sunglasses. I can neverr go past a shop without at least trying some of them on.
It doesn't matter if it's summer or winter. The sun always shines. Just not that much in winter :D
I really love the deatails of your sunglasses. Create such a unique look :)

Krissy ~ said...

love your sunnies! beautiful!
cute hair band accessory!
Krissy xoxo

Mia said...

Gonna try to get that hair ring, I thinnk you're right about them ending up at ebay for ridiculous prices!

Diamonds and Studs

Kat said...

great decision - the black frames will take you straight through in to next summer and beyond.

Caroline Hulbæk said...



Miss Lou said...


Besos from BARCELONA!

MellowYellow said...

awsome glasses + <3 the haircuff xo

Janka said...

I love this hairstyle !

xoxo Chocolate Muse

nakedqueen said...

your amazing hair!!!!
love it so much

Raspberry & Rouge said...

LOOOOOVE it! Too bad the hair ring is sold out EVERYWHERE! Looks amazing on ya! Have an amazing week! XO Rebecca

Sara said...

i absolutely adore the haircuff. have to have it!

Serendipity Max said...

Love your sunglasses. The shape is great


thefashionguitar said...

Love the sunnies

XO Charlotte

Moda said...

Minimal baroque....perfetto. Baci

The Fashion Twice said...

wow love it

or be FAN on Facebook :D

Anonymous said...

Hey love this.!!!!


Laura said...

Beautiful pictures!
Love the sunglasses :)


sara said...

gorgeous pics!!u look perfect!

eleni said...

amazing sunglasses! xo

Daisy said...

Beautiful pics x

eddie said...

this ring is fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Chillinstyles said...

Love your hairstyle :D

Josefin said...

Sux the hair ring cant be found online! Shame on H&M!

fashion meets art said...

wonderful pictures, dear! i love your hair ring- every detail looks wonderful!
i wish you a nice day! <3
maren anita

lisa signorini said...

cool hair ring, amazing sunglasses!!

new outfit on my blog: I'm waiting for u!
Enjoy your Monday!

ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR said...

SO jealous of those sunnies...great photos doll :)

XoXo-Kelli K

chocolatefashioncoffee said...

amazing sunnies :)

Suz said...

i adore the hair cuff, but the glasses are even more amazing!

Vee4ViBranT said...

ooh it looks gorgeous on you.

ShoesForDessert said...

I never would have understand the concept behind a hair ring, but it actually looks super chic! Really, really loving it.

the fashion physician said...

I loved you hair ring tutorial and Prada sunglasses have been amazing lately!

miikax3 said...

perfect sunglasses! you are so beautiful :)

Aztec Lane said...

Love those sunnies! And your hair is gorgeous as well!

New follower xoxo From Australia

FashionFreak/Mihaela said...

i love this!

my blog♥mfashionfreak

Without Heels said...

Good blog, I follow you, follow me back, please! Thanks

federica R. said...

great loooook ;)

angelieeee said...

xxxo from Argentina
you can also follow me on Twitter! :) @angelieeee

Desiderio Bianco said...

I still think that hair ring is just awesome (;

BespokeRose said...

The accessories in this post are magical

Jade Briony said...

ooohhhhhh nice pics!

iina said...

hei oli tosi kiva nähä sillon perjantaina! onnistuin sit anyway missaan ton hiusrinkulan - harmittaa ihan hirmusesti mut jospa niitä tulis vielä tai jotai :)


Desiree Choo said...

Love your hair ring. :)

Sophie Loloi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Helene said...

Absolutely love the look! the hair ring is so cute and the shades are awesome :-)


Lola said...

Love the shades!! :)!!
So amazing!

Boho-Chica said...

Amazing! Love your sunglasses and hair ring.

Helena said...

I love your hair!
So chic!!!

Inhale | Fashion and Beauty said...

Very cool, you look like Lauren Conrad with shades.
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Laura said...

Nice photos!



Love the sunglasses!!

Berta said...

Ohh those prada´s sunglasses...LOVEE!!

Imke said...

Amazing pictures, you look gorgeous! I love your hair ring :)

XO, Imke

blogmoodeuse said...

Waouuuuu !! I want those sunnies too !! xoxo

Ro said...

your sunnies are amazing! i would love to have them in white&blue.
and that hair ring is so cool!

Luma G. Louzada said...

wow the glasses are to perfect to pass!! love them!!

Kaitlin Mattingly said...

I love that hair piece. I've never seen anything like it! so cute

come visit!
xo kait

Charlotte Beecham said...

i love your blog. your style is great.

please check out mine, if you like it please follow me back!

Brittany Matthews said...

I want those sun glasses! so adorable!

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Sandra said...

Beautiful :)

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FashionOdor said...

You are truly an everlasting inspiration :-) Love the hair piece and absolutely adore the glasses

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eve said...

Woah that hair ring is so unique and glamorous, and matches very weel with your blond hair :)


the h&m hair ring is so everywhere on my pinboard. wish we'd have h&m in this siamese land!



Naina said...

Loooove how you've done your hair, I can't find any of those rings for an affordable price where I am :( It's tragic really...

Cecilie - said...

Really love your blog. Great inspiration and pretty pictures. I have been a true follower in the last year :)

Dorien said...

Oh I love that hair ring ! Do you happen to know if it's still available ?

amalia said...

Wow!Amazing sunglasses and hair!!!

Check my Blog
and on-line store !! :)

linsey sijmons said...

The hair ring of H&M is awesome! I've got to have it too :)


Low said...

I´ve also seen the hair cuff from H&M also on Sabrina´s blog (AfterDRK), but yesterday I went to H&M and I couldn´t find it!!!
I want it!! It´s so cool and stylish!!

And the sunglasses are also awesome!


Lisa said...

I want want want that hair ring! But (obviously) I can't find it... hmm.

Love, Lisa

Miyan said...

ooooo they are perfect! i love them! great find. and you are so right about that hair cuff becoming the new super-expensive item on ebay by like next week. ha!


India said...

Love your sunnies!

Aga said...

You look amazing!

Bonnie said...

I have been kind of obsessed with doing my hair like this ever since you showed the tutorial. I get so many compliments!
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Sarah Mendelsohn said...

i love love those prada butterfly sunglasses, chic and cute at the same time! xx

Polly said...

Amazing sunglasses!

Jane Alisa said...

Your hair looks lovely xoxo

eeva amanda said...

i need to get one of those hair rings


~elisa~ said...

Love your FABULOUS style!
Come style me at

Michelle Goldie said...


Jo said...

They are beautiful sunglasses. I found some vintage glasses by a company called Retrosun. Original pieces by top fashion houses left in warehouses for decades in their packaging and now rescued. See what you think

Linda said...

Those sunglasses are too cool! And yes, I love the haircuff too!

Lauren Christine said...

i love your new sunglasses, and i must go buy that hair ring, fabulous!! xx
Golden White Décor

Dasha said...

You have such an amazing blog!!I do really like this look!

Also I will be very glad if you join my blog)Now I am writing about different fashion weeks also I write about my looks and life)

Abbie said...

Absolutely love! The hair ring looks very expensive & adds a lovely formal touch.

Bisou Bisou,
the red-lipped smirk

Sydney said...

love this look! I want to try that hair ring soon


CK said...

i love your entire look. the sunglasses, the hair clip?, your hair. i love it all

the gorgeous said...

want your hair

Rami Coco said...

i neeeeeeeeeeeeed that hair ring

Shelby Anne said...

Your so pretty wow!

such a great post!
check out my blog and follow back !
Thanks so much!


Idjo said...

Ah why Finland is always so behind, I haven't fund that hair ring in H&M's yet :( I can't wait to get my own, I hope my hair is thick enough for it :D

Anonymous said...

i cannot find this hairring anywhere in belgium, does anyone want to sell one? it is so dries van noten.

Sophie said...

The golden hair ring is so beautiful. Unfortunately, it is currently sold out in Frankfurt and so I have to wait until I can call mine ..

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