Monday, 23 April 2012


Giles aw12 photograped by me for Avenue 32

Hi my sweetest, I’m sorry that the posting has been slow lately, it is due to the final university project I am wrestling with. Sadly I have keep the posting on the low for the next two weeks. Blogging has never been a stressful thing but the idea of keeping up the dissertation writing and blog postings is become slightly overwhelming for me. I hope you understand but am quite sure you will - I have the best readers, some even in a similar position with me. So on that note a little ‘c u later’ from my part. I’ll try to slide in a few updates every now and then, in the mean time you can always find me on twitter. Oh and one last thing, quite a great thing actually... when I’m done with this final project, prepare for great things because you will from then on have me as a full time blogger.

Much love x


Lydia Rose said...

Good luck for your project! All the best :)

Lydia Rose said...

Good luck for your project! All the best :)

.Tinacious Me. said...

can't wait to have you back soon!
xo, Tina

evie stothert said...

you have no idea how excited i am that you're going to be a full time blogger! maybe i shouldn't get so excited about other people's lives but i really cannot wait for regular posts from 5inchandup! favourite blog ever
keep up the great work and good luck with your dissertation, although i doubt you'll need it!

ResistMeNot said...

Same here, my dissertation work is much like Mission Impossible, so I totally understand you now! There is hardly you can catch up on anything apart from dissertation whilst getting ready for the final steps at the uni... Good luck to you though I am sure you will do great!!

Naomi x

Miss K said...

Amazing photo

Emma said...

Gorgeous pics and an intresesting content is why I love to follow 5 inch and up, even though post would appear rarely. Good luck with the project, can´t wait you to be a full time blogger! :))

Rosaline said...

Full time blogger? Dream job! Can't wait for new posts!

Love rosaline

Sophie said...

Good luck :) xxx

AVY said...

Good luck!


Joana said...

I hope the dissertation goes well! Blogging comes second (or third) in this particular scheme of things. Believe me, I know what you're going through!

Good luck :)

xo Joana

Reptilia said...

I completely underestad you!! Good luck with your project. I'm sure you will do great!


~Cleo~ said...

good luck with the university project

Wild Flower said...

Great picture and all the best with your work , no need to apologise X

toemail said...

Good luck!

WearAbouts said...


Michelleesque said...

Ahh! Good luck! :)


Flaviana Boni said...

really cool!

Natalie Renee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Natalie Renee said...

So excited for you to go full time and bring more inspiration to us all!

Olivia Burn said...

Good luck with your project! I've been a rubbish blogger recently not being able to post for about a month because I've been on holiday.. oopsies!

- Olivia xx

JADE EMILY said...

what an incredible photo.

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Hilda Nicholas said...

All the best... Can't wait until you're a full-time blogger... awesome

modelovers said...

All the best for your project! The Photo is awesome!

ruth said...

good luck on your project! can't wait to have u back:)

Irene's Closet said...

Good luck!! :):)


Stine Mo said...

The best of luck with your dissertation! :)

Светлана said...

Really cool!


tini-tani said...

Это что-то космическое! ))) Ужастно-прекрасно!

nora said...


Van S. - said...

Good luck!


Van - / Bloglovin / New Facebook-Page

Romy van K. said...

Wow! How creative!

xx Romy

EMA said...

Good look with the dissertation! And this photo is so amazing! Did you take it? I am excited to see what you have in store for us once you are blogging full time!

Style StreetStalker said...

Good luck!
Gorgeous picture!!!


chailovesme said...

writing my bachelor thesis right now... I totally get you! and full time blogger sounds lovely ;)

AmyArisse. said...


xx Amy.

Creativity&Chocolate said...

Beautiful picture! good luck with your final project!

Blosh Time said...

I know the feeling, with a fulltime job I find it hard to find the time to keep everything up to date. Good luck on your final project!

Leila Mekhdiyeva said...

good luck with your project, dear!! don't worry we'll be waiting for you whatever it takes :D

xx Leila

la vie quotidienne said...

Good luck dear!!! I hope everything goes well!
I'll be waiting for your new posts;)

xoxo from München
La Vie Quotidienne

Pauline said...

Much love to you!


Emily said...

Full time blogger sounds AWESOME!!! 5inchandup is my favourite blog so that'll be just terrific!
Good luck with your dissertation!


Dianna said...

awesome, full time blogger??? thats amazing!

Marina said...

gourgeous photo)

Lolita in the Mix said...

No prob, just good luck on your project, well be waiting for you!


Linda Kristoffersson said...

Good luck with you project and if you ever need just a little break - Stop by soon! :D

/L from sweden

Irene said...


Caterina said...

Beautifull photo!!

follow me:

I Z A B E L A said...

good luck with your project!
cant wait for you to get back to blogging fulltime :)


Ivana said...

good luck with your project! you'll do great, I'm sure!
I know I have to start with my asap...but I'm convincing myself that I still have some time left...=)

xoxo, Ivana

EMMA said...

good luck! :)

nonnapuffo said...

I love so much your blog

from your follower! ♡

Mode a'Portee said...

Goodluck on your project.. Always waiting for u on the standby!! :)

Zoё said...

Good luck with your projects!

Emma Louise Layla said...

Glad to hear it! (That you'll be back full time). Good luck with the rest of it

Lucy Loves To Blog said...

Good luck with everything! Love that photo.

Lucy Loves To Blog

Alison said...

Good luck with your school!
That will be nice to be a full-time blogger -- and even better for us!

Ksenia said...


Minna said...

Jos 'comeback' kuulostaa noin lupaavalta niin keskity ihmeessä rauhassa projektiisi. =)

Anna Brain said...

very very nice.

B. said...

Good luck for your project at university. I'll have to write my final exams in about 3 weeks, so I totally understand you. But anyway, I'm looking forward to see new posts from you, even if they're only short updates :) xx

Cotton.Candy.Queen said...

YEss dissertation and stuff I know the feeling! Good luck with everything.


Joanne Christina said...

Good luck.

Anna Brain said...

Soooo beautiful!!! :)

Sheena said...

NIce picture...

Blend of Life said...


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-Katya- said...

I understand even though I don't have a major project I have around 20 exams coming up so I am so busy...

inês. said...

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madhatter said...

LOvely Picture!

Good luck in your final exam!

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xx said...

Good luck with your dissertation - focus on that and than you will be back on track!

Caitie @

Ivana said...

This photo you took is breathtaking!

Diana said...

Good luck! Waiting for new pics)))

*Maja* said...

good luck dear, we'll be right here waiting...:)

From a student/blogger to another


Austė said...

Love it:***

Beckerman Girls said...

GOOOOOD luck with everything babe!!! Kick some major ass and we will see you back sooner than you know it!!! MWAHH
xoThe Beckerman Girls

Nina Papaioannou said...

Your picture is amazing!!!
All the best with your exams!!

Rola said...

All the best with your studies. Looking forward to your new posts soon:)

pinkmate said...

goodluck with your project! and by the way, that's a great shot!


Sandra Djordjevic said...

Hey Sandra

You're blog is just great and I'm really enjoying reading it.
I hope your final project will go well and that we'll hear from you soon.
And, hope you dont mind me pinning some of your pictures on Pinterest heh, you're a fabulous inspiration for me. :)
Hugs from Denmark - Sandra Djordjevic.

Aitana said...

Can´t wait to have you back soon!!!^^


Lola said...

Hope the dissertation is going well :) xx

Katie's Bliss said...

Aw good luck with your project! Looking forward to more posts when you're finished!

Fashionstyle said...

Good luck Miss !!

christian said...

stunning pictures wauw!

Elizabeth said...

stunning blog!!
good luck with your final project!
following you now!
would love for you to check out my blog :)

A's Mode World said...

Love your blog. Great inspiration!

Thea vintage said...

Good luck!

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Modepistol said...

I think period like that will always come...somtimes other things in our lives just demand a little for attention than usual;-)

i really like you blog and i'm sure your readers will hang on for the next two weeks:-)


Vale ♥ said...

It is normal you have to focus on your project first ! I love your blog and I read it often, best of luck for everything :-) Kisses

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Erin H said...

The FAB work you have done on your blog being a PART-TIME blogger is amazing. Can't wait to see what comes from 5 inch and up in the future.

Love from Chicago.

xs said...

good luck! hopefully you'll give us a sneak peak . . .

Margaret said...

Oh dream job! Good luck sweetheart <3

Harper Matiko said...

Good luck!

Clara Turbay said...

Great look and good taste!

London Fashion Review Blog - Gems said...

Best of luck with your final project, can't wait to have you back on the blogoshphere full time.

Gems x

London Fashion Review Blog

Anneli M. said...

Oh wow, that is amazing that you will be a full-time blogger :) To do this for a day job is a dream for so many people and massive congrats to you for achieving this dream. You are amazing and I will be reading your blog forever.

Anneli x

Lou said...

Good luck with your final project and can't wait to see/read what you have in store for us.


ana said...

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ana said...

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Jennifer of JennySue Makeup said...

I get it- blogging is super hard and time consuming. I have 3 kids, I sometimes don't know what else I'm doing besides blogging, bathing kids, baking, and business. Keep on, your audience will be here when you get back - We all understand!!

I'm a mommy with a makeup problem...

les jolies said...

Best of luck with your project. We' ll be waiting for you.

From Paris with love!

Girls in the Green Boots said...

good luck, lovely! great blog. xx

your newest followers,


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100%soie said...

i's such a good news for you to be a full time blogger !!!! I am sure your blog will be even better !!! it's just so stunning like that !!!

Nathan Moy said...

omg this is huge! cant wait and gd luck with all ur work! xx

xx nathan.niche


Danielle Lozeau said...

Come back soon!


Night at Vogue said...

Good luck on your project! Can't wait to see what you'll do when writing full time!

Skylar Magazine said...

Totally understandable. Blogging does get to be overwhelming, especially when you are juggling other things. I look forward to all of those great things to come. Good luck on your project.


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Lola Finn said...

Oh wow... it´s wonderfull!!! You are a great photographer!

SCARLET said...

love this picture xx

yibei123 said...

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Gypsy_Riot said...

what a gorgeous shot! <3


Come back soon! We miss you! :)

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Alice said...

Best of luck - I know the feeling!

Take a look at my fashion illustrations and art:

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Very nice, thanks for sharing.

Kim said...

Of course we understand! School goes first, period! Good luck! X

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