Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Discovering Athena Procopiou

There is something in the back of my mind that makes me crave a new set of flowy kimonos as soon as I have a holiday coming up. This time I stumbled upon Athena Procopiou and gosh I’m glad I did. The silky selection of scarfs and kimonos drove me to the brink of madness when it came to choosing my favorite ones so I opted for a little introductory post instead.

From the gorgeous selection of printed kimonos and scarves, the kaleidoscope ‘Arabesca’ is my favorite. Nothing short of brilliant, I gladly welcome this sweetheart to my collection.

With Grecian roots, Athena names music as one of her biggest inspirations, rock icons like Jimi Henrix and David Bowie to be precise, hence the cosmic prints from her brand new 'Ziggy Stardust' collection. Pictured here wrapped in ‘Two Moons’ and ‘Life on Mars'

As a music lover and pianist from an early age, multitalented Procopiou studied art history in Paris and graphic design at Central Saint Martins in London before she set up her own brand. I wore the The ‘Inez’ kimono from Athena’s 'Frida' collection with my American Apparel bathing suit, this bright gown was simply way too beautiful to leave out of this post.

This kimono will be perfect with jeans for seasons to come, ‘Major Tom’ turquoise scarf and ‘Two Moons’ kimono both from the Ziggy collection.

photos by Janne

Athena tells me traveling inspires her the most, so she always sets out to discover new cultures before starting to work on a new collection. Her ideal girl is someone that embraces life in the moment and ‘lives under the stars’ as she so gracefully explained. Well who would not want to be that girl...? In between the breezy Atlantic and roughly shaped cliffs of La Gomera, this was my interpretation of the girl who lives in the moment and if you can’t already read between the lines of this post - I am completely and utterly in love.

Shop Athena Procopiou at Net-a-porter (US and UK), My-wardrobe (US and UK), Matches (US and UK), Libery and Barneys

ps. If you have fallen for Athena’s designs like me, stay tuned as I’m teaming up with the talented designer for an exciting giveaway!


Imani Love said...

Absolutely jaw dropping! I am in love with the chiffon <3
-Imani Love

le style child said...

i love you sandra. beautiful as always.

The Fancy Teacup said...

The patterns are so mesmerizing! You are absolutely spectacular in them.

Dasha Gold said...

Amazing photography!


RHODA said...

gorgeous pieces!

Yasmeen said...

You're stunning. I love these photos! :O

Castle Fashion

Sarah said...

AHhhhh this is so amazing!! i adore all this prints and i just want one so badly! cant wait until the give away! Amazing photos as always <3

Vasilieva said...


The PvdH Journal said...

I think this will have to be my favourite post from you Sandra. The photographs are absolutely stunning- just perfect for the kimonos and the ambience.


Ksenia said...

Wonderful photos!

Love, Y said...

Those colors and prints and the perfect mixture f it all :) aaaammmaazinnggg

priincess emily said...

These are one of my favourite shots from you! :D

Soph. said...

They're beautiful and you've done such a great job styling them and creating that character that I want one now!

Xox Soph

Polly said...

adore this photos!

Polly with love

Lydia Rose said...

Stunning! please check out my blog sometime xx
herlux fashion blog

Natali said...

Kimonons are my favorite thing to wear in the Summer time. Can't wait for the giveaway since all the kimonos you've shown us here are gorgeous!

tini-tani said...

Beautiful, great! Color, nature and you! Excellent!

SAMANTHA said...

OMG absolutely GORGEOUS. seriously amazing post.

Laura said...

How beautiful! These kimonos are a dream!

[Virginie Peny] said...

These pictures are gorgeous, i love both prints & materials!


Irene's Closet said...

wowwo stunning!!!


reetta v. said...


Lauren said...

I am a huge kimono fan, such gorgeous prints and colours. They are beautiful, cant wait for the give away!

Luba Dimitrova said...

This post is so inspiring ! Lovely presentation of the brand in contrasting landscape of la Gomera . i am living in the neigbour canary island - Tenerife , and i am so glad you are posting from this beautiful island. Do not miss the national park Garajonay with its magic luarisilva forest . is unique ! Enjoy !
Xoxo Luba

The little world of fashion said...

Absolutely great!

Honorata said...

Beautiful pictures!

modelovers said...

All photos are awesome!

Giveaway on my blog
Giveaway on my blog
Giveaway on my blog

Kate said...

wow I love kimonos so much and these prints are gorgeous!
xx Kate

SilviP. said...

This is beautiful, amazing photos....congratulation Sandra!

Hanna said...

beautiful photos Sandra! :)

xo, Hanna

Karin - The F Girl said...

Gorgeous. So airy and beautiful!

Aleksandra said...

Amazing photos !!!

Nina Papaioannou said...

The designs are amazing... I fell in love with her scarfs when I first saw them at net a porter but the kimono is amazing!!
Your pictures are so inspiring!!!

Anonymous said...

första o sista bilden e heeelt drömmiga när dedär klibban blir så blurry. puss <3 kz

Jacynta Walsh said...

stunning prints! makes me want to go on holiday!

Christine said...

Fantastic pictures, I think I'm in love with Athena as well! Thanx for introducing us :)

ella said...

stunning! beautiful photos! xxxx

Anna said...

So beautiful!!!

Aný said...

you are like a princess :)

Domonique Wilson said...

So beautiful, I couldn't agree more as I love kimonos and think there's nothing more sophisticated and comfortable than throwing one of them on over an outfit. Her designs are beyond gorgeous!

malamajka said...

Great photos! I love sandals!

Fabrizia said...

I adore the last shoot!

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EMMA said...

your pictures are amazing every single time i say!

Isabell said...

great pictures! especially when your back is free

Mary said...

I love kimonos too, but unfortunately I haven't one yet!! So thank you so much for showing these AMAZING kimonos! I love all of them! Wow, they are so beautiful!

Style Hostess said...

Captured by its sweetness Sandra! such breathtaking setting, feel and photos by Janne. looking so sensual here Sandra! Arabesca is just so beautiful =0


Style Hostess

fashiongamble said...

wow these picutres are so pretty! love your kimonos!

fashiongamble said...

wow these picutres are so pretty! love your kimonos!

Raspberry and Rouge said...

Those pictures are simply amaaaaaaaazing! SO STUNNING! And the clothing works so well with everything else in the pics! GREAT! XO

Bonnie,Clyde and Marni..... said...

love it!!

BeingMominStyle said...

Great pics...The kimonos are awesome...

Camilla said...

these are absolutely stunning!

xo Camilla

Into The Fold

p.s check out the giveaway on my blog :)

Eva said...

So beautiful!!

Alex said...

totally,totally gorgeous pictures!

Bri Wang said...

Absolutely stunning!

Dominika Mrázová said...


Aimelie said...

I love love love every single piece you showed her and I bet it was a hard choice! Also funny, my sisters name is also Athena! xx

Sara said...

These pictures are really breathtaking Sandra!

Clara Turbay said...

Interesting and tatesful ideas!

life full of colors said...

I love that last photo ! Amazing pictures and all pieces

Carolyne O' said...

I adore this post! Is too amazing!
Beautiful pics!



veronica said...

amazing pics and your style!!!++

cherryred said...

Gorgeous !!!!

Irene said...

Nice pics!!

alexsandra g. said...

Wow, so nice! Love the colors of the first one.


Monse Fuentes said...

very cool pictures!

El Blog de Monse
El Blog de Monse
El Blog de Monse

Andrea said...

the pictures are so pretty!

yonosoyunaitgirl said...

Wowww, beautifil pics! XX

Anneli M. said...

OH wow, these are beyond amazing!! perfect summer cover-up, really want one!!

Anneli x

Anastasia from Natbeesfashion said...

Fabulous photoshooting!Cant wait for the giveaway :)

Anna said...

I just love Athena...besides she's Greek!
Great post for presenting her gorgeous designs.

Celine Jakobsen said...

I love these pictures, damn.

Celine said...

Stunning! Love how multi-purpose they are

Jane said...

OMG, awesome photos! I love the most the silver sandalls.

Insomnia said...

Absolutely in love! That kimono is to die for!

Mackenzie said...

How pretty! I love the blue scarf

Anastasiya Kononova said...

Nice photos!!!!

Chloë Rose said...

wow, beautiful photos!


Oh Sandra you never fail to impress. Gorgeous.

Much love from Lydia x

Joanne Christina said...

I love how you capture these. Such beautiful photos.

sfumato said...

amazing, xoxo sfumato

Marina said...

You look amazing! Stunning!


Nyrha said...

Stunning looks and what a beautiful pics! Love it

monkeyshines ♥ said...

beautiful coverups!


thankfifi said...

phenomenal shots! love the collection and hope you will show us how you wrapped the two moon scarf like that - it looks amazing!

♥ ThankFifi

Amy said...

Quick question, how do you stay in such good shape? Do you belong to a gym or do you just eat right? What's your secret? :) Love the blog by the way, sooooo inspirational!!

Lucy said...

I have fallen for Athena's designs, just beautiful. Can't wait for your collaboration.


Synthetically Elegant said...

I really like the photo where the scarf just floats up in the air, all of these phoos are amazing. Great job!

Stephanie said...

Amazingly beautiful! so inspiring :)


Eda. said...

In love with these designs darling, you look stunning in them also!

Eda ♥

Candyfloss Curls, Cupcakes & Couture

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Fashion Recession said...

I love everything I see here!! You, the kimono's, the scenery, the pictures, all together it just makes my mouth fall wide open, WOW!


KAREN said...

Love the beautiful background.

Xeana said...

A colorful kimono. You look great!


Creativity&Chocolate said...

What an amazing pics and kimono's! You look stunning~!

Zveki Fashion Addict said...

What an amazing set of professionally executed photographs! The beautiful background and the photographer's skills made the outfits look exquisite!xo

Mónica C. Welton said...

so cute!


pinkmate said...

Wow absolutely gorgeous! Your post and Athena's collection left me salivating! I want those!


Freya - Fashionable People said...

Beautiful pictures! The prints are incredible, wonderful colours.

elite barcelona said...

Waouw!!!! You are gogeous on those pictures!!! Beautiful!

Aurélie and Angelo said...

Beautiful pieces, absolutely gorgeous!

Joana D. Albogas said...

The colors, the texture and the flowyness of all pieces, just perfect!!


Taavi said...

great pics, great clothes

Anonymous said...

The pics are awesome!

Cheska said...

Such beautiful photos, they do justice to absolutely beautiful kimonos... they're like works of art x

Lettherebelight said...

I loooove your blog its amazing!!!!1

xoxo Carolina Ferretti

Lettherebelight said...

I loooove your blog its amazing!!!!1

xoxo Carolina Ferretti

Lettherebelight said...

I loooove your blog its amazing!!!!1

xoxo Carolina Ferretti

Anonymous said...

amazing, like skdjfkhrhqasl;; ! and YES to travelling.

Lisa said...

Lovely pictures :)

Rule of Fashion said...

checkout my SHOPPINGblog

Christina Marie said...

So beautiful!


Sandra Merino said...

love the second look!! that kind of dress... love it!


amazing dresses nd the photos are absolut stunning!!!

Composition Two

CULTstyle said...

WOW you've persuaded me... love the first one so much X


Lydia Hope Samson said...

what a gorgeous post. I think I'm in love too. can't wait to hear more!

Kimberly said...

really gorgeous photos!

City Style

effortlesscool said...

stunning images! love the grayscale robe <3

XO Sahra

Skylar Magazine said...

All of these pieces are stunning. My favorite post of yours so far.


alysa said...

awesome photos! loooooove your blog!

perfumehk said...

Amazing, perfect combination.
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miss annie said...

oh wow! absolutely incredible photos! You do a great job, seriously, I love your blog!
miss annie

Enya said...

Kuvat täällä on aina ihan mielettömän hienoja :-) Tykkääntykkään!

Lola Jaro said...

what a great description of a type of girl. I would love to be that girl as well


Brynn Snow said...


D2G Apparel

Karinoula said...

Absolutely in love with these beautiful prints on kimonos ! Perfect for the beach.

Jodie Lee said...

Such a stunning kimono, lovely backdrop for your images too.

RedHead said...

The eighth photo is INCREDIBLE.

Fifthfloorovergoldenhorn said...

Amaziiiiinnngggggg pics <3333

VH said...

Love the pictures!!


veronica said...

wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww amazing pics!

GRACE said...

these photos seriously take my breath away. you look gorgeous~


toemail said...

We would love to post the 7th photo down at toemail if you do not mind? Just need a location for the title and we would be good to go!

Ria said...

These shots are amazing! Love the kimonos.

biz-fashio said...

Beautiful place! Amazing photos!

Belle said...

amazing!! xx

ali said...

Thanks for this post! I've been cutting my cuticles but it's too fiddly & painful! I won't be doing that anymore & and going straight out to buy cuticle remover.
LA Fashion

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