Monday, 18 June 2012

Western Miu Mius

Oh la la, it's sale season!! I arrived to London yesterday and had to run down to Selfrigdes to join in on the fun.. so say hello to my awesome new western mules by Miu Miu, I wanted thease for the whole season, ah finally mine!



j. said...

these are crazy cool, i love them

Much Love ♡

Jess †

Chiara Lanero said...

So original shoes, love them!

Books in my bags

le style child said...


Leila Mekhdiyeva said...

lovely shoes ;D

xx Leila

marina casapu said...

they are such a statement!

el_martina said...

they are super crazy!

Dominika Mrázová said...


Monse Fuentes said...

omg! those shoes are amazing!

El Blog de Monse
El Blog de Monse
El Blog de Monse

Kimberly said...

love them can't wait to see how you style them!

City Style

Dominika said...

they're amazing!


Bri Wang said...

Those are just amazing!



Lia said...

aww theyre adorable!

Glass of Fashion

Michelleesque said...

Oh my! I am in love with those heels!


The Fashion Robot said...

Those kind of shoes are getting big- they will be a big trend

The serial shopper said...

they are so much fun !!


Andrea said...

wooow totally them!

ZxM Fashion Addicts said...

it takes time for these to grow on someone!I can't wait to see how you are going to style them up!


Borka said...

very modern!
love them!

Dark Blue Stripes said...

Cool buy. Can't wait to see how you style them.


Dark Blue Stripes

Lauren Williams said...

Awesome heels! So funky and cool!


Daysha said...

Wow wow wow..The western look is just amazing!

Dawn Ngo said...

They look amazing! :)

Ken Raras Cestyakara said...

wow! How ethnic they are! Love at the 1st....

Hiispyrebel said...

WAW, i love so much your pumps ! Verry Beautiful !


The Fancy Teacup said...

Those heels are smoldering hot!

Irina Bugai said...

Congrats! They are absolutely amazing!

Pip said...

Miu Miu makes the most interesting shoes! These are sooo cool! xx, Pip

Arra Abella said...

The shoes made me wow!


RHODA said...

wow love the shoes!

clara thomas said...

omg love the shoess! <3

Honorata said...


Laura said...

I'm not an huge fan of mules...but I'm looking forward to see them in an outfitpost. Perhaps they look nice though ...;-)

Sara Quaglia said...

Really curios how you will match them in a outfit but I'm sure it will be impeccable!!!

modelovers said...

Look so fantastic!

Irene's Closet said...

can0t wait to see them on your outfits! :)


Freya - Fashionable People said...

They definitely have a western feel to them! Love this classic mule shape :)

Creativity&Chocolate said...

Those are so cool!!!

Soulofashopper said...

Definitely not my style but I got to say I love Miu Miu and everything they do they do great!!! ;) looking forward to seeing you with these and see how you mix it... ;)xo, Alma

Mira said...

Wow awesome shoes :D


lorenabr said...

Gorgeous :)

OanaC said...

OMG I'm totally in love ,love love
I follow u, follow me back if u like my blog .x


the goorgeous said...

super fancy ones!

maryse said...

beautiful shoes !!

Estherina said...

Those are amazing!!!

Step into Estherina's World

SWL said...

so stylish and cool piece..





TeuntjeVDW said...

AWESOME! They're so cool! xx.

Mandy said...

The color is amazing! :)

Mandy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
EMMA said...

im sure they look perfect on you!

lisa signorini said...

so cool!

♥ Cassandra (Backtofive) said...

These shoes are to die for!

Wild Flower said...

Amazing, i will just be over here dreaming away!......These are kick ass.

Sari said...

WoW, amazing ones!

Sparks In Spring said...

I would love to see how you style them, they are so pretty!

Render Sublime said...

I reeeallllllly want to see how you style them... I saw some on Net a Porter and... yeh liked them but wouldnt know what the hell to do with them :)

Fir and Fal said...


I stopped reading your blog after you took a short hiatus but I'm so glad that you're back posting! Love your blog!

And those shoes are awesome by the way.


Christina Wonsbeck said...

soooo great ! :)

Christina Wonsbeck said...

jalousi right at ya ;)

Louisa said...

Wow, these are amazing!


Chahrazad said...

They really look awesome!


Floortje said...

They are amazing!

Lindsey A. Turner said...

these are so cool! I love all things western!

Lindsey Turner

FP said...

Just amazing!

The Queen of Hearts said...

I've been bitten by the Miu Miu bug and in a big way. I have a few pairs of shoes and getting some more in the near future and my first clothing piece. Gods, I love Miu Miu.

The Queen of Hearts

thankfifi said...

nooooo - they remind me of the baddie in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! Sorry. I bet you'll make them amazing though!

♥ ThankFifi

CamMi Pham said...

Those shoes are adorable

Eugene Marseille said...



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modern-sky said...

Awesome heels said...

Wow such statement pieces!!

Maaike said...

Wow, I love those shoes!

Jonna said...

I love those shoes!

Sun blogi on ollut pitkään mun ehdottomia suosikkeja, oot huikea! :)

nonnapuffo said...

Un po' pazze, ma deliziose
Un bacio

Editor said...

oh, miu miu!

MoJos Free Spirit said...

oh so gorgeous!

Olga said...

Very interesting shoes! You have a great style!

...chek out my new blog:)


king abdaoe said...

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blackberryfashion said...

Interesting shoes :)

BobbieAustin27 said...

LOVE those booties
when the collection came out I immediately looked everywhere for them
too bad they were out of my price range, but I still love them
you will so do them justice, your style is amazing

Nina Morena said...

great buy!! love miu miu :)

fashion meets art said...

oh i love them!


rach. said...

love this!

love, rach.

Kayli said...

so cool!!!
and i'm using the same eye shadow!! :D
love the miumiu heels~
please check out my photo blog, any feedback is greatly appreciated!


Adorable shoes!!!

'The Wind of Inspiration' style blog

Ginger said...

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Precious Formals said...

The shape of these shoes is ridiculous! Absolutely love them.

Les filles de la ville said...

Wow, these shoes are truly amazing! Love them! XX

Joanne Christina said...

My sale items were all high street. But these are incredible. So you.

My blog is having a Le Spec Sunglasses giveaway

Gigi said...

Those shoes are amazing, really!

thepinkmateproject said...

I love the lip colours!!!


Suzanne said...

Lucky Lucky you! These are AMAZING

Anneli M. said...

Aaah, I am just buying a house in London and all my dosh goes in it, so no shopping for me this sale season, which is a TORTURE! :)
Lovely shoes, very you! <3

Anneli x

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Les filles de la ville said...

WOWWOWWOW! These are just truly amazing!

Caitlin said...

Such a novelty, adorable!

Anonymous said...

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Thomasnjgm said...

The shape of these shoes is ridiculous! Absolutely love them. said...

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