Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Late summer wishlist


Miška said...

the wallet is fabulous, following you now, follow back ? :)

Sandy a la Mode said...

that pink top is totally cool!!

Vesuvial Desire said...

Definitelty love the clutch and wedge boots the most


Rose. said...

great collection of clothes/accessories, I love thePhilim lim ankle boots they are gorgeous!

Rose x

Longuette said...

the scraf and the shoes are my fav!!!

Love, Ylenia from Longuette

Alina said...

oh i loooove the moschino top!
xxx Alina

Luba Dimitrova said...

I am loving everything ! You have such a lovely sense of style !
XX Luba


Lens & anything Else said...

the orange dress is lovely...


Soulofashopper said...

oh I love that scarf and that jumper!!! great selection...xo, Alma

Natali said...

Scarf and purse are beautiful!


modelovers said...

Perfect choice!


Laura said...

The Moschino top and the Givenchy boots are to die for!

Lydia said...

the givenchy wedge boots are amazing! xo

Miss Lou said...

The Moschino top is favolous!!!!

BESOS from Barcelona!



Givenchy boots all the way!!!

Pip said...

I love the Moschino top!!!!!!!!!! xx, Pip


Lola Jaro said...

love those choices


Stanislava Enčeva said...

Good! I like the Jil Sander clutch!:)


Fashiable said...

Amazing wishlist!


The Garage Starlets said...

I'm in love with the Givenchy Boots :) So amazing


Nathan Niche said...

yes im totes on board with the givenchy knee boot wedges and phillip lim shoes! the joseph jumper is super cute and will look great with its bulky size!

xx nathan.niche

can't decide on whether or not to get the new PROENZA SCHOULER PS11 bag, comments and help please:

Chahrazad said...

Nice boots.


WNY said...

Love the sweater and the givenchy wedge boots! Xo

- wnyfashion.blogspot.com -

Mackenzie said...

That silky caged top is amazing. Im actually making a corset with a cage as the peplum

Style Grenade said...

Your wish is my wish also. Lovely items. I love your taste.


[Virginie Peny] said...

The wallet is definitely one of my fav items currently.!

Virginie/ Style Reload

Nena said...

That sweater is so cool!


mirjam schuurkamp said...

love the pink top!
its stunnning

new outfit post ; Tribal me baby!

Annie Louise said...

what a stunning top! xx


Adele said...

Adore the monogrammed skirt!
Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
Have a fab Tuesday Hun xoxo

Coco x said...

I love all your picks especially the embroidered skirt and checked silk dress,
Love Chloe x x x

Grace Lynne Fleming said...

I am a definite fan of that sweater!


monkeyshines ♥ said...

stunning boot!


Mira said...

Great wishlist. The scarf is totally gorgeous. Not a fan of the clutch though.


Layla said...

I love all things monogrammed and that Stella skirt is just perfect! The Moschino top is adorable too.


Diana Pereira said...

Been there, bought that.
nice to know someone with same eyes and heart for things I have.


Loreleid said...

Totally obssessed withh those Givenchy boots x


Opposite lipstick said...


Creativity&Chocolate said...

That red dress is so damn cute!!


varpunen said...

No offence, but I hate those givenchy boots :p my friend has them and irl they're even worse for me!
But the rest is lovely :)
Especially the red dress *.* Love it!



Tisha Green said...

That pink dress is super creative and definitely out of the box! Love all your picks =)

lucillejoy said...

Such a beautiful, luxurious wishlist! Those boots are a dream


thankfifi said...

the boots, oh, it's all about the boots for me... keep seeing them and my love is getting stronger ;)

♥ ThankFifi

Ira Kharchenko said...

I love the red dress so much!:)


Carol-Anne Wyseman said...

That turtleneck! I'm already envisioning it with black riding boots. To die for.


Emily said...

The Givenchy boots are really cool!

Freya - Fashionable People said...

Those black patent ankle boots are so chic - perfect for a winter wardrobe :)


Fashiondary. said...

love your picks! xx


Jessica W said...

Perfect picks, cannot fault! These are so unique. <333

The Lovelorn

A Mode World said...

Love that waffle knit. xA

misaki said...

love your wish list <3


scenique_route said...

My fav is the Phillip Lim ankle boots! Gorgeous picks :)

Dark Blue Stripes said...

Great wish list. I love the Phillip Lim ankle boots.

Christie x

Dark Blue Stripes

DNA (designers+artists) said...

Love that waffle sweater, craving to wear cozy clothes.


FancyICON said...

These shoes!!! aaaa!!!!!


Julie Mitzie said...



Andrée said...

Joseph sweater: casual and easy to wear, as well as those incredible patent-leather ankle boots...

fashiongamble said...

amazing pieces. love the shoes!

Hippie Fruit said...

Love that Moschino top !!! + so unique *



xSzkrabx said...

This moschino top looks like a cage for delicate satin ;)

linsey sijmons said...

Give me everything please!
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girlsofffifth said...

ok, loving everything...especially the Moschino top and Jil Sander clutch. Good eye girl.


Aleya Bamdad said...

The Moschino top is gorgeous!

Kalelja said...

Really loving the Moschino top!


RedemptionStyle said...

Obsessed with the scarf. See other vintage floral prints here!
Love this dress by Tulle

Fabrizia said...

Amazing selection!
Cosa mi metto???

Hannah Louise said...

The Joseph sweater is very Autumn/Winter 2012! Love it.


xo Hannah

Signe K. S. said...

I absolutely love the Givenchy over knee wedge boots! They'll go nice with the oversized coats for this fall.

// www.signekstrunge.blogspot.com

ZxM Fashion Addicts said...



Emily said...

I need those over the knee boots - gorgeous!


CHIC-Y said...

Great picks, I'm especially in love with the Moschino blouse, its cute and sexy.

Gina said...

In love with the turtleneck sweater and the over-knee wedge boots.


jessica said...

amazing post as always hun! <3


! ▲ poppy miauczak ☾ † said...

I am first time here and I love it! Nice blog :))
Let's read each other? Kiss from Poland ♥ http://poppymiauczak.blogspot.com/

Joana D. Albogas said...

I´m crazy about thos givenchy boots!!



diana said...

I totally have the Givenchy boots! They're the best.

I put them in the top shoes for fall


Style the city said...

I love yours sandals !!!

The Style Engineer said...

Dying for the boots! Great choice.

tammydefox said...

I am falling in love with KENZO dress .Thank you for sharing

Anonymous said...

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Evansuxdh said...

This moschino top looks like a cage for delicate satin ;)

Anonymous said...

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