Sunday, 30 September 2012

5 inch and up x Nelly: The Steffi blazer

5 INCH AND UP x NELLY blazer
NELLY necklace
ZARA coat
NIKE top
ZARA bag

It’s been quite a lot about my Nelly collection lately.. launch parties and presentations, but I wanted to get a chance to show you few of the items in real life and tell you the story behind the pieces. So this is the Steffi blazer that we made in black and dark grey. It’s named after my dearest younger sister Stefanie.

Living in another country, away from her and the rest of my family is probably the hardest thing with living abroad, so I convinced Steffi to start a blog (here)! Her style is quite androgynous and sporty. Hence a straight cut blazer, with a masculine influence and a little bit of padding on the shoulders for a slightly boxy shape and so my ideal blazer was born.


Somebody said...

The whole outfit is just amazing! :)

AldaCa said...

The blazer is beyond amazing. I want it so badly. You look great in these pictures. :)


the sisberry blog said...

You're so stylish! I fell in lovwe with your chain necklace, it looks amazing :)

Ida said...

Amazing blazer, you've definitely got some talent and the Nike top is such witty choice despite the whole sports trend!

XAVER said...

Amazing look, stunning!

Marta Z said...

The neclace is amazing + you look stunning in long tops!

*To Wanderlust* said...
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TheStrawberryFields said...

Love river island love nelly fab look

Reptilia said...

LOVE your hair!


Rikke said...

You look perfect as always!

Dreamer Girl said...

nice pics! what camera do you use?

Diana Amorim said...

Fell in love with the blazer! Uh-mazing!

StyleNonsense said...

I LOVE This Look! I Can Always Guess A ZARA Bag!

Rebekah Wing. said...

I absolutely love this outfit *_* the combination of the very classy heels and the shirt is amazing!

xoxo FlirtingwithFashion Blog

Iris Anker said...

I love this outfit! Amazing blazer, nice job :)


alexsandra g. said...

Love that blazer, this outfit is amazing x


Vanessa - said...

Fantastic outfit... - love the combination of your high heels and your shirt... - PERFECT :)

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Iren P said...

oh Sandra you look so cool!!!!!!!!

xoxo Iren
Visit my blog:
Living In A Kitten's World

Natali said...

Great bag and blazer, you look fantastic!

Freya - Fashionable People said...

I love your Nelly collection!

ZxM Style-Squared said...

awesomeness top to bottom!!!

Liz Lauren said...

Love this outfit!

Georgina Hatton-Woods said...

I love everything about that outfit! I love the blazer even more to hear the story behind it! I'd love to see your sisters blog if you could post the link that would be great!

Models & Macaroons

Carys - Beautiful dreams x said...

I love this look ! everyting works so well together :)

Beautiful Dreams

Nina Papaioannou said...

I love your coat! My sisters live in different countries too and I miss them.. but on the other hand I visit their countries and feel at home! Your shoes are incredible!

oksanaarmee4ka said...

Love your outfit!

Fashiable said...

Love your baseball shirt!

jennifer said...

you are too cool, i love this outfit so much. the steffi blazer is perfect x

Michelleesque said...

I absolutely love how you style a sports jersey!


Riëlle K. said...

Great look!
I love that blazer!

Bri Wang said...

Love that you paired this with the jersey.
Great look.



el_martina said...

Amazing look.I love how you styled this bike top!

Christine said...

Great collection for Nelly!

Loreleid said...

Obsessed with that Zara coat and bag, so obsessed that I got it too.

Great blazer x

Paint me in the landscape

Luba Dimitrova said...

amazing blazer !

XX Luba
Well Living Blog

Chahrazad said...

Nice blazer. That is so sweet of you to name the blazer after you sis.


monkeyshines ♥ said...

fabulous shoes!



This is quite possibly one of my favourite outfits!!

Jade Lee said...

I love this blazer it is amazing.

Joanne Christina said...

Your such a considerate and sweet person. Your sister must be proud.
Checking out her blog.

Monse Fuentes said...

i love your style!

El blog de Monse
El blog de Monse
El blog de Monse

Be Inspired! - Susa said...

What a nice mix of styles! I know all about the family and that freaking distance!!!!!

Lucy said...


Onyeka Uddoh said...

I love your Jersey looking shirt

The Merchant Project said...

sexy messy hair is my favorite look! Love it with this outfit. Cheers! Catherine

Christina Marie said...

It's so nice to hear that you and your sister have such a good relationship, even being so far apart.
Love this look!


putri soe said...

you're like al genious with your styling!
athletic cool and sleek with the heels! love it!

Putri Se

Angela Marie said...

I love this, so edgy and chic!
Your heels are amazing

Angela @ The Lovely Cup

 Crystallography said...

amazing, yet again.

The Fancy Teacup said...

Love the inspiration behind your blazer. x

Laura said...

Beautiful clothes are great. Beautiful clothes with a lovely story behind it (like yours) are even better :-)

Natalie said...

Nice and edgy!

Lauren Williams said...

That blazer is amazing! I love the whole look!

xx lauren

Miss Aa said...

what i mostly see.. basketball is always be worn in boyish way.. but you did it perfectly by mixing it with the blazer and make it in a chic style.. so adore your look :)

visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

warmest regards,
Miss Aa

Hilda Nicholas said...

Love the whole outfit. Blazer is awesome and those shoes look amazing on you....

Nora said...

Beautiful outfit!

Irene's Closet said...

love your shoes so much!


thestyleflux said...

Love this!

Kaye Awatin

Charlene Gondo said...

sporty x elegant! Well mixed. J'adore your styling!

Summer Flounce

kcomekarolina said...

omg! i love this look!

xoxo from rome

GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

Really interesting blazer.
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Bonnie,Clyde and Marni..... said...

Love the blazer!!

Creativity&Chocolate said...

Love your shirt so much! Great outfit!

Raspberry and Rouge said...

Fabulous! Lovely week! Xx Rebecca

Raspberry and Rouge said...

Fabulous! Lovely week! Xx Rebecca

jas said...

love the look. cool shoes

Iva said...

Awesome shoes!

Danai said...

Love your outfit! :)

Emma Westbrook said...

Absolutely love that blazer paired with the sports jersey!

Xeana said...

Cute photos! Amazing bag!


dollcake said...

perfect, you've done it again.

GEMMA said...

xThis bag drives me crazy!



thepinkmateproject said...

You look absolutely fabulous! I just love this!


Eda. said...

Love this look, the shoes are amazing darling!

Eda ♥

Candyfloss Curls, Cupcakes & Couture

I'm on twitter ♥

Style StreetStalker said...

A Style StreetStalker dream!!! ;)

Such great style!


DipItBlack said...

Lovely coat, but I love the bag even more!

alexandra said...

Super inspirerande outfit, som alltid!!

Jeeda said...

Boy how I wish your line was available in the US...I would rock quite a few it!!

AdventuresinWonderburg said...

That blazer and shoes are fantastic!!! What a great outfit!

Nena said...

Awesome top

Veronica said...

Love that you named it after your sister ^.^

xx Veronica

Adeola Naomi said...

Beautiful outfit!!!

agNeSSka said...

You are awesome !
Great combination.

Floortje said...

This is great!

Laura L. said...

Wow, I would call it PERFECTION!!!

The Style Engineer said...

I love everything about this post- the photos, the outfit, everything! You look so fabulous- I love this sporty-chic look, you pull it off so, so well!

Camilla said...

Those shoes are gorgeous, and of course the blazer is too!

xo Camilla

Into The Fold

Comer, Blogar , Amar... said...

love your hair


Vasilieva said...

loving the cut out detail heels and that blazer is just good. such an awesome clean cut

Ashley Marie @PinMeUpAshley said...

Okay, I'm SO wearing my jersey with a blazer in the very near future!! Love it!

Julye said...

Very pretty !!!

Miss Sultana said...

great edgy yet classy outfit!

DNA (designers+artists) said...

Totally cool necklace, love it!

Kim West said...

I love your coat. It gives a different look to the overall outfit.

linsey sijmons said...

Ah-mazing outfit! I think you can wear anything you want and always look amazing :)


Rosita Bizerman said...

What a great look !! Love your style !!

Samantha Jangira said...

Absolutely love this!! You look stunning!


Marina said...

You look amazing! So beautiful! Love your outfits!

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Linda said...

Nice outfit :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you!

Kitschmoog said...

That's awesome ! ♥ ♥ ♥

Dollar Merchandise Wholesale said...

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Ula said...

I just love that outfit. So cool and stylish, just great.

lauren said...

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Kelly said...

Loving this!! Those shoes especially!!


Jen said...

sports luxe chic to the next lev.


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