Monday, 29 October 2012

The Re-Edition

MMM x HM jacket and jeans
ZARA shoes

Finally back in London, I escaped the madness of hurricane Sandy last minute, it’s set to be quite severe.. I hope everyone manages to stay safe back in the US!

I spent the week in my new wardrobe that now consists mostly of the H&M Margiela pieces, first up the favorites that I’m not sure are meant to be worn together but I did it anyway. The ‘mother of all oversized jeans’ jeans and the constructed leather jacket that is starting to take more of a brownish hue after wearing it so much, brilliant.

photos by Irene


Lia said...

gorgeous jeans!!! i love this outfit!

Glass of Fashion

Shandrese/ Natalia said...

love this outfit!! that jacket is amazing!!!!

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Justina said...

Love this entire outfit.


monkeyshines ♥ said...

fantastic jacket!


oksanaarmee4ka said...

Oh, I love this jacket!

Karina De Jesus said...

you are wearing the exact two items from the collection that I want the most. superb.

Rhoda Wong said...

great pieces!

Maggie Adofo said...

My goodness that jacket is just brilliant!!!


Joyce Lau said...

Love this!!

Come and visit my blog :)
Sunshine & Rain

Rola said...

The pants are very avant-garde!

alexsandra g. said...

Gorgeous pieces x


 Crystallography said...

amazing, as usual.

Lauren Williams said...

I'm prepared for Sandy! Lucky you got out in time! I love this look, that jacket and those pants are amazing!

x lauren

Shreeja Rajan said...

No words! simply AWESOME! jacket as well as the bottoms!

Natali said...

Absolutely fabulous and edgy outfit!

Naomi said...

Major editorial!


Laura said...

I love both items of the collection. But I didn't now that they look so good together. I can't wait until this collection is finally available...

Mariana Branício said...

Amazing outfit. I wouldn't be able to pull it off but you did it great! Oh and in the second pic you look somehow like lady gaga :P
x Mariana |

Polly said...

cool outfit)like some items from MMM for H&M)

Polly with love from Russia

Eilish Ryan said...

Edgy jacket goes perfectly with those baggy jeans!

reetta v. said...

Noi housuthan toimii, mahtavaa!

Miss Molly said...

love this look, so different

agNeSSka said...

The whole outfit looks great on You! This is just Your style, love !

Luba Dimitrova said...

love the jacket Sandra ! Amazing collection !!

XX Luba
:: Well Living Blog ::

Carol said...

love the jacket, it's perfect! ♥

Nora said...

I like the jacket!, not sure about the pants jet, like them on u! said...

Amazing outfit!
Looove that jacket!


Camilla said...

that jacket is just so you Sandra! haha

xo Camilla

Into The Fold

Desiree Choo said...

Oh my gosh can't wait for the MMM X H&M collection!

Eva Wu said...

i saw many interpretations of wearing this pants, but yours is the best. respect! :) xoxo

FashionFlirt said...

wow the leather jacket is simply perfect! And I love these photos! X


Fashion En Vie said...

Your outfit is just perfect, I love the jeans!


Soulofashopper said...

wow that´s an interesting jacket!!!! ;) xo, ALma

Somebody said...

Love the trousers!!

Christine (Fash n Chips) said...

This collection had your name written all over it anyway! ;) Love this look! x

Honorata said...

Love the jacket!

Ruvic said...

love the look. something I have done back in my days and it looks just as good. hahahaha. wish i had pictures of the time to show.


Fashion Recession said...

Ohh it all works well together if you ask me!


Daniela Macsim said...

perfect outfit!

Casla Twins said...

amazing jacket!

Emma Westbrook said...

Your outfit has made me want those Maison Martin Margiela x H&M jeans even more! I love how baggy they are.

mariwoolf said...

Hmm MMM + H&M might be the most unwearable high street collection yet. I mean for the general public, myself included. But I guess courageous bloggers like you can still rock it ;)

mariwoolf said...

Hmm MMM + H&M might be the most unwearable high street collection yet. I mean for the general public, myself included. But I guess courageous bloggers like you can still rock it ;)

Laura Dittrich said...

That jacket is brilliant! x

Fashion Landscape

Helene said...

Those jeans are amazing!


Bianca said...

OMG that jacket!!!



Mary said...

i can die for this jacket !!

All fantastic!

Maria Onorio

Nesrin Bozlak said...

Wow, that jacket looks gorgeous on you!!



Nesrin Bozlak said...

Wow, that jacket looks gorgeous on you!!



TSE said...

OhMyGod this is so fabulous I don't even know what to say....such a cool look0 I LOVE the jacket!

Creativity&Chocolate said...

Oh wow, love these items!! xx

Fashion is for idiots [like us] said...

The jacket is amazing - although I wont become friends with these weird jeans - you rock the whole outfit! x

fashion is for idiots [like us]
fashion is for idiots [like us]

Vasilieva said...

absolute obsession. the pants are just so perfectly cut. love

Bri Wang said...

That jacket is just perfect, perfect, perfect.
Great look.



Bonnie,Clyde and Marni..... said...

Loveeee the jeans!!

Christelle G said...

Love it, this jacket look cool !

Levi (tlnique) said...

Love the jacket, you look abs great!!

Mira said...

Well the pants look really cool on you <3


Michelle Goldie said...

That jacket is amazing! Love this outfit :) keep posting please!
Check out my blog

Beckerman Girls said...

OMG!!!!! You loooook stunnning!!! The jeans the leather.... killlller!!!!! I wish we could have another event together sooon! That was waaaaaay tooo much fun!!!! Mwah Mwah Mwah!!! Love you tons!!! mwah mwah!!!
xoox Beckerman girls

Banana and Mandarina said...

interesting jacket :))

Raspberry and Rouge said...

Wow, you definitely managed to pull that off! Amazing look! Xx Rebecca


We knew you're going to get these cool pants :)

Best, Allaroundeve

Fashiable said...

That jacket is made for you, love it

Fashiondacci Melbourne said...

ohhhhhhhh my!!! please!!!!!!!!! love you so so so much!!!
you just translated them soooooo perfect!!! why you so amazing!!!!!!!! omg!!!!! love you so much !!! love MMM x H&M cuz you !!!!

Nyrha said...

I love this look! Can't wait that the MMM pieces come to shops

Patricia Ayuso said...

beautiful outfit!!! ;)

Adeola Naomi said...

Stunning pants and jackets!!!!

Marsha C said...

Loving that jacket and how OVERSIZED it is! You look stunning!

marly said...

not really a fan of the jeans.. but I think the jacket is cool :)

x marly

Ellen said...

gorgeous! x

Sammie said...

wow this is a very impressive look :)


amalie said...

Ahhh that jacket is aweesome!!
and thoughts go out to the people affected by sandy!

SmilingStyle said...

That is a feisty leather jacket! Check out this one too and comment if you recognize it!!! :)

Andrea said...

this collection is perfect for you! you look amazing!

Emma said...

Jeans are great, the jacket is horrible. said...

Now.....those pants are dope
And I am definitely getting a pair.

Marta said...

This jacket is amazing, can't wait til I can finally get MMM x H&M in shops!

Hemingway and Handbags said...

Those pants are so awesome! LOVE THEM


Kat said...

The jacket is phenomenal on you!!

- kat

Beatrice Balaj said...

For some odd reason that jacket reminds me of Transformers.


stylish fox said...

the best outfit !

Marjolein @ said...

This collection looks like it's made for you!

Sylwia said...

omg! great combination! totally in love!

Christina Storm said...


xo, Christina

AD+SH DIY Fashion Blog said...

Those jeans are so cool. They would make a cool DIY. The jacket is hot too. Reminds me of little bat wings!
xx Tanya

Carmen Ri said...

That jacket is so gorgeous!

Carmen Ri.

Joanne Christina said...

These trousers are something else

Giovanna said...

Fun look! Loving the jacket!


I'm Just Me said...



These jeans are to die for! Love them!

'The Wind of Inspiration' blog

The Urban Promeneur said...

The jacket! The jacket! The jacket!

Lyosha said...

fab outfit! so cosmic! I adore your pants and jacket so much!

Inside and Outside Blog

Olive said...

Amazing outfit, the jeans are to die for!!

Irene said...

Jee, hyvä että kuvat kelpas! <3

Ann Grigorieva said...

beautiful blog)) amazing!

maybe we follow each other?

welcome :)

ania cyk said...

this jacket is amazing! I love the mix of colors, and its unique shape! lucky you! xx

Therese said...

You look gorgeous!

Vanessa Lucy said...

you look really good in these pieces, after seeing some of his pieces for h&m I have to be honest I wasnt that keen an thought they looked more odd than innovative.But you can pull them off xxx

J. said...

It looks amazing on you, love it!!

Michelle Jailine said...

awesome jacket!

Karo said...

Once again zeee jacket! All cool thing u are housing us inhere! Great :)

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The Queen of Hearts said...

Although the photography is stunning (as per your usual) I think the clothing is atrocious. I can't be a sycophant; the collaboration is largely unwearable unless young women want to look like fashion victims/slaves. I don't know if the post is sponsored, kudos to you if you're being compensated -- I just can't say that I adore something that looks ridiculous.

The Queen of Hearts

Lola Jaro said...

this outfit is amazing, i wold love each and every piece in my closet


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Mia said...

wow you look great in the margiela leather!

fashion415 said...

Your style is so unique. I love finding blogs that are different since there are so many out there these days.
Have a good weekend!

LabellaLuxe Boutique said...

Sharp jacket!

Anonymous said...

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